Postpartum hair loss and other fun stuff

10/12/2011 at 1:05 pm | Posted in Motherhood | 12 Comments

I’d forgotten how bad it can be. How MUCH hair there is. And all the fun (fun!) places it’s turning up:

… all over the bathroom floor

… between the baby’s butt cheeks (I wish I was kidding)

… in the dog’s water bowl

… trapped in my iPhone case

… decorating any article of clothing I’m wearing

… on Lily’s pillow, after we snuggle

… wrapped around Sophie’s fingers because she is BIG into the grabbing of the hair these days

… in any meal I cook (sorry, husband)

… on the very keyboard I’m using to type this post

Good times.




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  1. Yes, I remember it well and how much I hated it. So nasty. I swear I could have made numerous wigs or rugs with all the hair I lost postpartum.

    • Dude. A postpartum hair rug? That’s a million-dollar idea if I ever heard one. 🙂

  2. I am experience the same thing…it is funny because I forget that we are pregnant about the same time until I read your posts…I am will you and it is annoying to say the least

    • So glad to hear that I’m not alone in my shedding!

  3. yes, in the baby’s butt cheeks. that really is a fun one isn’t it. how about between your own butt cheeks? yeah. I wish that didn’t happen so much.

    • Confession: this has happened to me MANY times. I was just too chicken to include it in the list. 🙂

  4. dude don’t even get me started. I’m pretty sure it’s worse this time than the 1st. I have a lot of hair in general so there is always some floating around our home but this is insane.

    • So true — this second time around, it seems much worse! I was so sure this post was going to gross everyone out. Glad to know there are other mamas out there feeling the same way …

  5. The same thing is happening to me now too! I miss my pregnancy hair. I have thin hair, so it was thick by my standards. Now it is everywhere (but on my head it seems). It’s funny that you posted that because I just commented to my husband about losing my pregnancy hair.

    • I swear, I want to shave my head! I just keep telling myself it’ll end soon. Right? 🙂

  6. i always go to the hairdresser, but i have got a cute but hairy dog in the flat, so i know the feeling, when hair is everywhere:)

  7. I totally remember that! With my first child I was so shocked by how much hair actually comes out! Felt like I was going to go bald at one point.

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