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So much about dieting is focused on what you can’t eat.

Yes, I’m cutting back on carbs, sugar and my beloved fried chicken. But I’m also eating more stuff that’s good for me.

I can’t get enough baby carrots lately. I had no idea how sweet they taste when they’re not drowning in dressing! And Greek yogurt (fruit on the bottom) is my new favorite thing on the planet. I’m also eating more salads, grilled chicken and brown grains.

Whole foods all the way.

Also new to my diet? Processed foods that claim to be healthy: Snackwell’s vanilla sandwich cookies, Kashi cereal, South Beach Diet protein bars, Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice entrees.

I don’t eat a lot of these foods (save for the cookies — a girl’s gotta have cookies), but they satisfy cravings. They’re also quick and convenient. I have stashes at home and work, so there’s no excuse to hit the vending machine or make a quick run down the street, where no fewer than a dozen fast-food restaurants beckon me. Including Bojangles. Oy.

It’s only been a couple of weeks since I started making changes in my diet, but I already feel better. Less bloated, for sure. And I’m doing this gradually, not depriving myself of indulgences every now and then (like that celebratory Goodberry’s concrete last Friday), so I hope it sticks.

I want to be healthier, not just skinnier.

What are your favorite “diet” foods? And what is your Achilles’ heel when it comes to food?



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  1. Kashi GoLean Crunch is one of my favorite cereals! That was my dinner every night for a very long time, not too long ago either. It’s delish!

    • Me too! I just ate a bowl this morning. I especially like that it’s so filling … and packed with fiber and protein. And doesn’t taste like twigs. πŸ™‚

  2. Laughing Cow cheese wedges are fantastic – you can put them on apples, carrot sticks, wheat things, rice cakes, whatever. I also LOVE eggs. They’re so so so filling – scrambled in the morning, hard boiled as a snack – and very good for you.

    My best trick is to make every bowl of ice cream a banana split – with a whole banana under a scoop of strawberry ice cream it feels like you’re eating twice as much.

    • Brilliant. All of it. I’m going to try everything you’ve suggested. Thanks, friend!

  3. I don’t diet (naturally underweight) but our family does believe in clean living and fresh food. I never get over how delicious a meal of farmer’s market vegetables, steamed with salt and cracked pepper with brown rice or mashed potato is. Farmer’s market vegetables have about 100% more taste! Or eggs, eggs are a superfood! I love two hard boiled ones for mid morning snack. My ‘bad eating’ habits pretty much begin and end with cream and cheese, i can’t get enough and it’s not very good!

    • Your comment makes me want to run out to the farmers market … it’s amazing what you can find there, and so cheap. I love the photos on your blog of your little family at the market! My girls love going there, too. Thanks for writing … always love to meet new people!!

      • oh boy, SO CHEAP! Favourite purchase this week was 3 tubs of strawberries for $4. I love meeting new people too and I really really like your blog, I think we’re gonna be friends!

  4. I am trying my best too to watch what I eat, but it always comes down to the fact that I just eat too much. Working on that more than anything. Good luck love.

    • So true. Portion control is a tough battle. Thanks for your encouragement, friend!

  5. APPLES, especially honey crisp apples, and apple sauce make me happy. I’m also a sucker for Mary’s Gone Crackers, gluten and wheat free crackers. They sound crazy but are healthy and yummers. Almonds are great for protein and filling you up, but have high fat content so you can’t overdo it. POPCORN! air popped popcorn is fab and low calorie.
    oh food. so many yummies.

    • You’ll be so proud of me … we bought a big ol’ bag of honey crisp apples at the farmers market today! YUM. Thanks for the cracker suggestion, too. I eat reduced-fat wheat thins like they’re going out of style. Definitely interested in checking out Mary’s Gone Crackers. And almonds — good idea! You are a font of food knowledge, my friend. πŸ™‚

  6. My current fave snack is vanilla or honey Chobani mixed with canned pumpkin and some cinnamon. Delish!

    Fave dessert right now – cooked apples that I make in the crockpot – just like the filling of an apple pie! Although I make pumpkin cookies too which are pretty darn reasonable on calories and fat.

    I’ve been posting some of these on the recipe section of my blog: http://alifeindrive.com/category/recipes/

    My achilles heals (plural!) – a plain old baguette with butter. Wispride cheese.

    • Oh my gosh, that yogurt/pumpkin snack sounds amazing. Such a good idea! Will definitely check out your blog recipes. Thanks so much!

  7. If you like chips at all, look for popchips. They taste pretty good, and the really awesome thing is that there are only about 360 calories worth in an entire bag. So even if you go crazy and eat the entire thing in one sitting it doesn’t set you back quite as much.

    I like to make my own version of a pinwheel appetizer… laughing cow cheese wedge spread on a tortilla, plus some sliced deli meat.

    I’ve been in to taco salads more or less. I’ll throw corn, black beans, diced tomatoes and chicken in the crock pot. Then I can make tacos, the next day throw it in a bowl with shredded lettuce. I also recently posted a turkey taco salad on my blog that I LOVED.

    Sorry for the novel, but last thing, if you like to eat stuff with tortillas, check out La Tortilla Factory tortillas. I find them at WalMart, but they are high in protein and fiber, low in calories.

    • Ooh — those popchips sound good. Thanks for the tip. And I LOVE taco salads … will check out your blog recipes, for sure. Mexican food is one of my biggest weaknesses, but it definitely can be made more healthy. Thanks for the tips!

  8. Hey! I love the Lean Cuisine Margarita Pizza –for a quick and easy lunch at work. It usually satisfies my pizza craving. I am going to send you an awesome recipe for roasted broccolli –it is delicious!

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