Friday weigh-in: week 3

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Don’t you love this?

My friend Marty posted it on her Facebook page, and I think it’s awesome.

This week was a mixed bag. I celebrated last week’s three-pound loss with a meal of poor decisions at the farmer’s market restaurant and (and!) a milkshake later that night.

So I rewarded myself for a week of good food choices by eating bad food. Huh.

And then came Monday. As a former Deep-Fried Ambassador and local blogger, I was invited to the N.C. State Fair media luncheon. Where I ate fried chicken, mac and cheese, green beans likely cooked in fatback, sweet tea. And sampled the fair’s new deep-fried treats: Kool-Aid and bubble gum. So, basically: fried, fried, basted in fat, fried.

It’s going to get even harder next week, when I return to the fair with my family and also for work (no, really). My strategy? Walk a lot, and quickly when possible, to offset some of the extra calories.

Because the fair is a once-a-year special occasion, I’m going to indulge. But with a little more self-control … and a little less fry oil. Wish me luck.

Here are this week’s stats:

The scale says: -12 ounces (almost a pound … every little bit counts, right?)
Fried chicken count: 1
Exercise: one good power walk with hills, other light walking, lots of stairs
Highs: feeling much less bloated and much less winded after climbing stairs
Lows: still not being able to fit into any of my old jeans … and by “old,” I mean the ones I wore last year
Moral victory of the week: eating Greek yogurt instead of dessert every night
Moment of weakness: the entire State Fair media luncheon
Progress toward goal: almost 4 pounds down, 16 to go

How was your week? How do you handle special-occasion eating?



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  1. Yep, the State Fair is a special occasion and worthy of indulgence. Enjoy yourself! I tend to eat whatever I want on special occasions. For example, we went to the Angus Barn a few weeks ago, and how can I not enjoy cheese and crackers and split a crab cake with my husband? And get dessert to go? Thankfully we don’t go there every week or I’d be in trouble!

    • You are so right! All bets are off on special occasions … I’ve always believed that, so why stop now? 🙂 Thanks for your encouragement!

  2. Congrats on the 4 pounds! Sounds like you’re doing great. If you need a walking buddy let me know!


  3. Awesome job on the Greek yogurt instead of desserts! That is one I don’t think I could handle. 😉

  4. I love the “meal of poor decisions” comment. I may have to steal that in the future. Congrats on the loss! That’s all that matters in the end, and you need some fun foods every now and then or you’ll go insane.

  5. This is GREAT NEWS!!~! I have heard successful weight loss is measured by weeks rather than days (1-2 pounds a week is considered healthy). So keep moving with those small indulgences. I also heard that it takes a few weeks to even notice change. Soo.. and that note, Kudos to you! You are RIGHT ON TRACK! Keep those small indulgences (I seriously don’t know how anyone goes without a little “sinful delight”) =D And you know what I do? I eat half the fried chicken as is and then take the skin off the other half. Sort of cheating, but hey, that should knock a few calories off (around 100 or so I’d have to say).

    Love the message the scale WON’T tell you! Every woman needs to believe that one! Because when it comes down to it, it’s just a number.. What matters is how comfortable you feel IN that number. =D Keep On Keepin’ On! =D

    Have a great weekend!


    • You are like my very own personal trainer! Thanks so much for your words of encouragement!!

      • No Prob! I am obsessed with food, and unfortunately, not all of it’s the good kind if you know what I mean. So, for the past decade or so, I’ve committed myself into “trying” (being the operative word), to mix healthiness with my guilty pleasures. I feel your pain and everyone else who goes straight for the bacon grease, deep fried (especially ice cream and elephant ears), and butter (because it just makes everything better for me!).. Encouragement is all apart of the buddy system, for without, I don’t know how I would have gotten through. So I will encourage away to help if it helps you, because I know how much it has helped me! =D

  6. A loss is a loss that’s a big victory!!!

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