Friday weigh-in: deep-fried edition

10/21/2011 at 7:21 am | Posted in me | 5 Comments
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I did not eat this at the state fair.

I swear. (Can you even imagine?)

But I did eat many, many other things. Which shall remain nameless. Except for the red-velvet funnel cake slathered with cream cheese icing. Because it was that delicious.

Needless to say, this was not a good week for the ol’ diet. But it was my choice to indulge at the fair, and I’m happy that I did. How many times in my life will I get to dig into a deep-fried oreo or frozen chocolate-dipped cheesecake on a stick? Not many. So this week was totally worth it.

Here are my stats:

The scale says: +1.4 lbs
Fried chicken count: 0
Fried other things count: Too embarrassing to admit …
Exercise: Lots of walking around the fair (that counts, right?), lots of stairs
Highs: Fitting into pants that I had to unbutton a few weeks ago
Lows: Skinny girls in trendy fall clothes everywhere (one of the perils of working on a college campus)
Moral victory of the week: Eating a ton of fresh veggies to combat the deep-friedness
Moment of weakness: The entire State Fair
Progress toward goal: 2.6 lbs down, 17.4 to go

How was your week? Have you been to a fair this season? What’s your favorite fair-food?



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  1. I work on Centennial Campus and pass by the College of Textiles twice a day and always see those skinny, trendy students at the bus stops. Ugh! We aren’t going to make it to the fair this year. My son will be 3 next year, so I think that will be a good age to take him. If we had gone, a funnel cake would have been a requirement!

  2. We just went to the fair today. I saw a sign for red velvet funnel cake, and the description sounded horrifying. I also avoided the Krispy Kreme burger (gag!). Instead, we went for corn dogs, fried pickles, (regular) funnel cake, and cotton candy. Which is WAY less than I usually eat at the state fair, honestly. And I was sad that I couldn’t find the taffy vendor.

  3. Happy Annniversary tomorrow!
    Just looked at the most recent items on the blog and loved the photo of Sophie….truly beautiful. I also love the chair and its great designs. This is an article that should sell!
    You and Marc are blest with wonderful and beautiful children. Have a great day tomorrow and know Bobby and i will be with you in spirit as we remember your wedding at the beach.
    Love, Nana

  4. I enjoy the stats breakdown here. I can’t recommend using the official “weights and measures” scale at the fair: in theory a good plan, in practice not so much. My fried chicken count was off the charts this week, and let us not speak of Fried Okra, unless it is with reverent tones.

    Walking the fair totally counts. Love this post.

  5. Love your weigh in format, especially the highs and lows. I need to get back on track.

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