Friday weigh-in: the pity party edition

10/28/2011 at 3:58 pm | Posted in me | 6 Comments
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I had no intention of ever publishing this photo on my blog.

I love lots of things about it … the light on Sophie’s sweet face, her belly button peeking out, those cool clouds in the background. But I can hardly look at myself. And my 16 chins.

This is me one month ago. And I’m embarrassed to report today that I don’t look any different. Yet.

I know the camera angle is unflattering (even though the composition is really cool — good job, husband). And I know we all get the squishies when we cock our heads back like that. But still. This is a reminder of what I don’t want to look like.

There were others. Full-body shots. But I seem to have deleted them all after we got home from vacation last month.

This was not a good week. My “monthly visitor” came with a vengeance, so I’ve been comfort-eating all week. My only exercise consisted of a short walk on campus. And all that state fair food must have settled in.

Never fear, you guys. I’m not down and out. Definitely not.

This just fuels the flame. I am determined to post a loss next week!

Here are my stats:

The scale says: + almost 1 lb
Fried chicken count:
Exercise: one short walk
Highs: writing this post (for real)
Lows: feeling oh so mushy and B-I-G
Moral victory of the week: eating a veggie sandwich on Mexican-casserole-day at my favorite lunch spot
Moment of weakness: sweet tea after sweet tea
Progress toward goal: 1.6 lbs down, 18.4 to go

How was your week? I’ve heard good things about My Fitness Pal and Lose It … are there any other diet/weight-loss apps you guys recommend?



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  1. Why is it when you (general you, not you you) see a photo of yourself you always see the negative. I do the exact same thing. I must say, in this photo, all I see is a beautiful mother and her adorable daughter.

    Keep making those good choices everyday and celebrate the small victories! You will get there and hopefully I will too. I will be wearing maternity jeans to my first day back at work on Monday.

  2. I religiously used the Calorie Counter Pro App by MyNetDiary for the first four or five months of my journey. If I’m starting to slip and be unhealthy, I’ll log a few days just to put myself in check, but I’m not quite as meticulous as I first one. But I thought the app was great.

    I’m also an advocate for the C25K program. I about died the first few weeks, but seven months later I ran a half marathon. Not everyone really wants to run, but I love that it gave me a specific plan to follow for exercise.

    Keep at it lady, you can do it!

  3. I hate pictures of myself that make me cringe. There’s no denying that they exist and nothing anyone else can say about them to make them better. They just suck and make me cry.

    Especially if I’ve got PMS.

    Here’s to better hormones next week!!

  4. hang in there! and know that i cropped the heck out of all my just-given-birth photos because i was too tired to remember that on the best of days i have sixteen chins if i don’t keep my head exactly level with my body. it happens to everyone! didn’t even notice in that photo until you pointed it out, i just saw gorgeous sophie and you looking so happy!

  5. You know what’s funny? I looked at that photo and thought how pretty you look in it. Then I read the post and I was like, Whaaa? 16 chins? Where?

    We are our absolute worst critics.

    My grandmother used to say, “You will never be as beautiful as you are right now. Enjoy it.” Whenever I am feeling fat and ugly, I try and turn it around and remember my beloved grandmother’s words of wisdom. You are beautiful. Just as you are. Today. Right now.


  6. Girl, I envy you beauty and have since the day I met you. You are beautiful no matter how big or how small. Just beautiful.

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