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Every year for the past I don’t know how many, Marc and I have made a fall trip to his alma mater for a football game.

He love his team. I love the mountains, the grilled hot dogs and the candy barrels at Mast General Store. Boone is gorgeous this time of year. Crisp air, vibrant leaves, and if we get lucky, a flurry of snowflakes. Even when it pours rain, we have a ball. (In one such year, I hid out at a coffee shop on King Street while the boys warmed their feet under our little hibachi grill. Good times.)

We weren’t quite sure we’d get to make the trip this year, with two kids now. But thanks to Nonna, Papa and Aunt Amy, our girls were well cared for while mommy and daddy snuck up to the mountains for a night.

And in the middle of all the action, this arrived on my phone and stopped me in my tracks. Oh hello, adorable smiling baby.

Of course I couldn’t resist one of these …

The Deputy and I both married mountain men (who went to college together and have many a story to tell). How lucky I am to have a partner in crime on these trips! She always keeps me laughing.

Approving of Marc’s genius flannel-shirt-scarf:

Storming the field after a big win (Oh yeah. There was a game, right?):

For a peek at our other Boone weekends, click here (pregnant, 2010) and here (not pregnant, 2009).

Hope your weekend was fun! I can hardly wait for Halloween tomorrow!!

P.S. I got a secret thrill seeing the choose-and-cut Christmas tree farms … don’t tell.



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  1. Thanks for the shout out! It was a great weekend for me, for sure!!!

    Glad you guys had so much fun. Great close up picture of you and Marc – that is a keeper!

    Love you both! Thanks again for the salad dressing – we can’t wait to try it this week!

  2. So glad you had a fun weekend away! It’s always hard to leave the kids, but it’s so important to have that adult time.

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