Happiness is: Decorating our Christmas tree

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Christmas treeMeet Frasier Saint James McFir.

He thinks he is a very grand tree. He stands proudly, showing off his one symmetric side. He smells oh so heavenly. And he has a lovely Charlie-Brown-esque quality — a crooked trunk, we think — that truly makes him ours.

The best part?

Lily L-O-V-E-S this tree. She and I bid him good morning and good night every day. And she had a ball dressing him up.

decorating Christmas tree

Christmas tree

decorating Christmas tree

decorating Christmas tree

decorating Christmas tree

decorating Christmas tree

decorating Christmas tree

decorating Christmas tree

Will you decorate a tree this year? Which is your favorite ornament? (Mine is the canary yellow molded dough snowflake with paper towel stuck to it. Circa 1979.)

Introducing Posy!

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Posy on Etsy

I’ve been bursting at the seams to share this good news: Laura and I have opened our very own Etsy shop!

Posy carries handmade, vintage and (soon-to-be) refinished goods for you and your home. Laura does the crafting and shop maintenance, I do the photography and marketing, we both select the vintage goods, and voila! Team Posy.

We’re having a blast. And we’re especially grateful to our friend Dana of The Blooming Tulip for her gorgeous work on the graphic design for our site, our business cards and a bajillion other print pieces.

To celebrate our public launch this week, we’re offering two Posy items for giveaway: one of Laura’s lovely pennant banners and a set of vintage embroidered pillowcases.

Posy on Etsy

If you’d like to enter the giveaway, just leave a comment below!

We’d love your support on Facebook and Twitter but we’re not going to make it conditional to giveaway entry. The giveaway closes next Monday (Dec. 5) at midnight. We’ll choose the winners at random and will announce here the following day. Yay!

Keep an eye out here and on Laura’s blog for shop announcements, new items, upcoming shows (we have TWO in December!) and other fun stuff.

We hope you enjoy Posy!

P.S. So … now I’m no longer just an Etsy stalker. I’m officially an Etsy stalker WITH an Etsy shop. That lends a little more cred, right?

Our weekend

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Spotted: sitting(!) baby, waving to Santa during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, Hungary for Turkey, my parents, our Christmas tree, busy in the kitchen

Missing: my lovely mother- and sister-in-law with whom we had a wonderful time on Friday (because I was too sick and pitiful to dig my camera out of my bag), and the Deputy, who helped me make a ton of sweets today (but would kill me for publishing the only photo I took of her making a face by the stove)

Hope your holiday weekend was happy and relaxing!

So very grateful

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This is the perfect example of how one minute and twenty-three seconds can change the entire course of my day.

How a fleeting moment, a chubby baby splashing in the bath last night, can stop me in my tracks and remind me how very blessed I am.

Remind me to be grateful. To savor this life. To hug my family tight every day. To say I love you. To be generous. And patient. To love wildly.

Thanksgiving nudges me to be more mindful. To fully appreciate my life.

And today, I’m grateful.

Much happiness to you and yours this Thanksgiving Day!

Kid DIY: Thanksgiving turkey hat

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Thanksgiving turkey hat

When I spotted this turkey hat tutorial, I decided then and there: my child needs a turkey hat. I’ve been on a turkey hat crusade for days. Finally, Lily obliged me and we got down to some serious crafting.

Construction paper in six different colors, including black and white for eyes.
One paper plate
Glue stick

I started by cutting the plate in half. We didn’t have plain old paper plates, so I just flipped one over to hide the decoration. Lily love painting the ridges with Q-Tips. She took very seriously the business of precision painting.

Thanksgiving turkey hat

While the paint dried, we cut out all of our shapes: a 6-inch semicircle, a 3-inch circle, quarter-size circles for the white part of the eyes, dime-size circles for the dark part of the eyes, a triangle nose and a comma for the waddle. Lily surprised me with her scissor skills, cutting the large pieces by herself. Look at those little fingers!

Thanksgiving turkey hat

Next is glue stick time. She glued the pink body onto the paper plate, then we assembled the whole face before pressing it onto the plate (warning: more cute pudgy fingers ahead).

Thanksgiving turkey hat

Thanksgiving turkey hat

Thanksgiving turkey hat

We don’t have any craft foam, so I just cut strips from construction paper, fitted them to Lily’s head and stapled them together to form a ring. Then, I glued the ring to the hat. And voila.

Thanksgiving turkey hat

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Thankful on a Tuesday

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These two. They make my heart swell.

They make me grateful (OH SO GRATEFUL) to be a mother. Their mother.

They remind me that life is sweet and fun and should be savored. That hugs really can make everything better and that an extra cookie isn’t going to hurt.

And that some days, you just need to stay in jammies.

I am thankful beyond words for my girls. My daughters.

Still pinching myself.

Linking up today with two friends for whom I am also thankful:

a week of Thanksgiving


Capture the Everyday from Adventuroo


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Some days, we never even got out of the big brown chair.

Her, sleeping in my arms, on my chest. Waking only to eat.

Me, head back, drifting in and out of that weird state of semi-sleep that my mother-instinct would allow. Never full-on, deep sleep. Always a little alert, just in case.

We’d shift and snuggle, all warmth and sweetness and the smell of milk. I’d watch her chest rise and fall, the little wisps of her hair swaying in response.

Her, pressed to me.

Me, shelter. Comfort.

Us, a haven.

I don’t know if it’s my hormones, or the fact that Sophie is growing so ridiculously fast, or the knowledge that she is my last baby. But, this I do know: I miss those days. Those new-baby, sleep-hazy days. When my only job was to be a mother, my only responsibility to keep her fed and comfortable and happy.

Our bodies fused together in the big brown chair.

I miss it.

You wouldn't even know it

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Sophie has been sick for four straight weeks.

One cold on top of the other, exacerbated by her flu shot, the doctor says. I keep taking her in, week after week, convinced that something else is wrong. She is snotty, coughing, sneezing and pitifully congested. She eats well, but it takes extra work. And sleep? Forget it. This feels like the newborn days all over again. Mommy is very near my wit’s end. And I feel so sorry for her.

But look at this baby. She is all smiles and belly laughs and play, play, play.

You wouldn’t even know she’s sick.

Such a little dreamboat.

Satisfied customer

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Swell Stuff {rikrak}

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rikrak felt stockings on Etsy SWOON.

That is all.

(rikrak on Etsy)

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