Just one more

11/01/2011 at 9:57 am | Posted in Small Fry | 4 Comments
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“One more minute,” she begged, squeezing my arm tighter.

Her little body curled into mine, feet pressed to the tops of my thighs, her tush wedged into my belly. I try to imagine what we look like from above. Big comma and little comma. Two puzzle pieces. Love.

The truth is I could sleep here, like this, all night.

Dizzy from our Halloween and buzzing from one too many pieces of chocolate though,  I can’t stop my mind from spinning. There’s laundry in the dryer, a sink full of dishes, photos that need downloading, email to check, a husband I haven’t caught up with all day.

Waiting for me. Needing me.

But so is this little girl, all warm and soft and sweet. Tucked under my arm, burrowed in deep.

I wait for the tell-tale twitching of little arms and legs, the rhythmic breathing, the tiny fingers losing their grip on my hand. It’s time to get up. Face the brightness, the busyness.

“One more minute,” I silently oblige. “Just one more.”



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  1. so sweet. I remember those mornings with a newbie in my arms. Not wanting to get up. And sometimes I didn’t. Especially when I just had one 🙂

    But oh the memories of one more minute.

  2. Oh, my. The words in this post threaten to turn me into a puddle.

  3. Made my eyes well up.

    Your “Just Write” posts are gorgeous.

  4. Beautiful.

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