Friday weigh-in: square one

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Halloween candyUm, how do I begin?

Let’s get the facts up front: I’m only four-tenths of a pound under my start weight. So, I’ve officially gained back the few pounds that I’d managed to lose. The state fair started my downward spiral. Then there was stadium food, bar food and road-trip food. Not to mention Halloween. And the fact that I haven’t exercised at all.

My family has been sick, which translates into sleep deprivation, which translates into mindless eating. I’ve been secretly hoping that my stress (work deadlines, hectic home life) would melt a pound or two. Yeah. Not so much.

Oookay. Now that I’m done placing blame and rattling off my excuses, here is where I make some changes.

Starting next week, I’m going to bring my lunch to work every day. I’m also going to quit the sweet tea. Again. And I’m going to get serious about exercise, even if only to bring my sneakers to work for a quick walk or two.

Don’t lose faith! I’ve only just begun.

The scale says: + 1.2 lbs
Fried chicken count:
1 (Chick-Fil-A, my nemesis)
Exercise: none
Highs: still (although barely) fitting into my clothes (does that count?)
Lows: the numbers on the scale this morning
Moral victory of the week: choosing nonfat Greek yogurt over a bag of M&Ms
Moment of weakness: too many to count
Progress toward goal: .4 lbs down, 19.6 to go

How was your week? Tell me … how do you keep things in moderation this time of year? My will power gets weaker as the holidays approach …



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  1. Ha…just talking to a friend about this. I workout a lot. People think I am just one of “those” people who loves working out. I’m not. I like drinking…and fancy coffees…and biscuits and gravy. So I work out. I quantify “o i ran 3 miles…that’s 300 what can I shove in my pie hole”. Now i know that is easier said than done. But a more practical tip than “more exercise” is eat a bigger breakfast. Sounds weird but do it. It will make you less ravenous at lunch and you will cut calories there. I learned this the hard way by not eating enough and being so hungry by lunch I couldn’t work out for fear of passing out. I now have a toasted english muffin with egg and cheese (and sometimes ham) in the morning. I am still going strong at 11:30 and I can go workout. THen I am so worn out that I don’t want something heavy…so soup and salad are perfect and not something I am torturing myself to do.
    Dunno if that helps but there ya go šŸ™‚

  2. Ok baby has been had so I’m with you but instead of sweet tea and chicken I’m coke and burgers. And I have to lose 37 pounds!!! I was hoping to leave the hospital 20 pounds over but I left only 6 pounds lighter. šŸ˜¦

    A house full of sick people is a very valid reason to slip a little. I wish you better luck and good health for all this week!

  3. Can we PLEASE do this together?!?!

  4. You’d be surprised – a couple walks a week can work wonders! Plus they’ll get you out of the office for a bit, always a plus. šŸ˜‰

    You’re right, too – the holiday season is always trouble for food. I always try to balance meals out. Like if I know I’ll be having a big fat dinner, I’ll go for a lighter lunch, or vice versa. Tonight, for example, we’re having burgers and frozen custard for dinner, so I had baked fish for lunch. You can do it!

  5. Halloween is hard…so hard…I’ve hidden my daughter’s bucket, but I know where it is…maybe Hubby needs to hide it from me. Pretty sad, eh?

    Another big problem for me is baking and then eating said baked goods. Must. Stop. Baking.

    I did make it to the gym once this week. But I had to leave my class after 20 minutes to feed my inconsolable baby! Made it back for the last 20 minutes of the class! šŸ™‚

  6. Drink water…no more sweet tea or sodas…I tell myself that I have tasted all the choc. there is to taste….in fact this goes for ice cream, cakes and pies. I have tasted them all! So…..just say no for awhile and the plan to walk is excellent. Good luck! Nana

  7. Good luck!! šŸ™‚ I know how hard this is. I am trying to be healthier too. Have you tried those Whipped Yogurts? YUM. I love the strawberry. It’s a good treat that tends to satisfy. Also, another good snack is cut up apple sprinkled with a little cinnamon and splenda. Take care!

  8. Eat the Halloween candy; buy more pants! Come to fitness class at lunch sometime. What other time CAN you do it???

  9. I have most definitely been struggling the past few weeks as far as food goes. My only bonus is that I have the time and the desire (most days) to work out, running 3-5 miles a few times a week and doing other exercise two days a week.

    Definitely enjoy the treats while they are around, depriving yourself only makes it worse. Personally I have this thing for dark chocolate covered almonds. When they are in the house I simply CAN’T stop eating them. But then one day, I portioned my entire box out. Put the almonds in separate baggies, and decided I could have one bag a day, once the bag ran out no more till the next day. It helped me from eating 2-3 servings of them a day. Maybe give yourself a limit on Halloween candy (if that is what you’re going for) or whatever it is your mindlessly snacking on, and pre-portion it into little baggies. You can still get your little fix without going overboard.

    In general, you burn about 100 calories for every mile you cover (walking or running). Throwing in a 20 minute walk everyday would burn you about 700 calories a week, or about a pound in 5 weeks. It may not be a lot, but it definitely helps!

    Sorry for the novel šŸ™‚

  10. I’m trying to lose the baby weight too. And I have a love of food! I’m doing the calorie counting and it really makes me think about everything I eat, especially all the small snacks.

  11. You can do it! Remember to take it slow…I think small goals are key!

  12. Ha! I think this time of the year we are all indulging a bit (most of us, at least).. Feel great about your week because I managed to gain 4 pounds in three days after a fun filled weekend in Victoria Canada. Great get away and loved every minute of eggs benny, all the ice wine truffles, irish creme gelatos, and yummy coffee night caps! Soo… you were WONDERFUL this week! lol!! Needless to say, I will be right back with you this next week trying to get back on my own wagon.. BUT… we are WOman! We can do it! For me, I will be binging on raw fruits, LOTS of grilled meat, and low calorie deserts. Good luck this week! Don’t feel bad.. I think it was a tough week for a handful of us.. =D

  13. I didn’t even GO to my weigh in last week. I know after the Halloween party and the candy I’ve been shoving in my face ever since I was going to be up. So starting today I threw out all the bad stuff, sent the rest of the Halloween candy to work with my husband and stocked the fridge with grapes and apples. I think the holidays are ALWAYS going to be a problem for me – I am terrible at moderation – so I’ll just have to do my best during the in-between weeks and then work extra hard once January comes.

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