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green fiestaware pitcherWhen I was a kid, I had a mean sticker collection (my favorites were those cool liquid-filled puffy hearts … remember them?). I also have collected/hoarded stamps, bud vases, stationery, votive holders and books (Do books count? I just can’t bear to part with them, even the crusty paperbacks).

My latest obsession is Fiesta Dinnerware. The bright colors and simple, clean designs make my heart flutter. I hope eventually to replace our boring, matchy-matchy white tableware with Fiesta. Mismatched, of course.

There are only four pieces in my collection right now because Fiesta ain’t cheap. My favorite is this green pitcher. I love the shape, the size and that awesome pop of color. Here’s where it lives in our kitchen (just above two Fiesta mugs):

kitchen shelves

What do you collect? Why do you love it?

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  1. I have sand from around the world. It started almost 14 years ago when I went to France and was asked by a relative to bring back sand from the beach for her. I never did give it to her, instead I decided that every where I went from then on I would bring back a little bit of that place. I now have over 25 glass bottles of every shape and size on my fireplace mantle with various textures, colors and amounts. I love that I can look at it and remember all the fabulous places I’ve been. [even if some aren’t as exotic as France, like the local lake ๐Ÿ™‚ ]

  2. Oooh. I LOVE that pitcher. The dishes and geese next to it are fabulous too.

    I collect found animal skulls, mummified creatures, and photos I take of dead things. I think they are beautiful. They fascinate me. Someone recently offered to sell me a dead animal and I turned them down. I don’t believe in supporting a market for the bodies of dead animals, but if I come across one while hiking, it’s like Christmas morning.

  3. I knew we were meant to be friends!! I have Fiestaware as my dishes too!

  4. That pitcher is a great addition to your collection… LOVE Shamrock Green and I don’t think it will be around forever! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I’d love to collect Fiestawear and I would start with that pitcher too! I love the chili bowls too. I collect turtle sculptures/figurines and not resin dollar store ones. They have to have an interesting material or features. My son is six and I help him collect currency from around the world. My daughter is 2 and starting this Christmas I’ll start her collection of nesting dolls (fulfilling my own childhood wish thru her? Nice!).

    • I have a bunch of turtle figurines my late mom collected and I need to unload. Would you be interested. She had some really nice and unusual ones.

      Doug Schulz
      Gilbert, AZ

  6. I love how you have everything so pretty on the shelf! Like everyone else is saying, that pitcher is sweet! I never had fiestaware but I do love it… and all the newer colors they come in.

  7. That pitcher is beautiful!

    A few years ago, I started collecting pottery a few years ago. Just went to a pottery sale and show this weekend and picked up some goodies!

  8. I had a pretty mean sticker collection too!
    Now, I collect magnets from places around the world. The only requirement is that it says the name of a location, but I really like the ceramic ones. I like it because it is an easy souvenir, and I can look at them and daydream about those places.

  9. I love that pitcher! I have a couple Fiestaware mugs too, but I use them too often to call them a “collection”.

    Things I do collect: milk glass, old glass electrical insulators (so totally random, I know), glass chickens, decanters. So, breakable things. Lots of ’em.

  10. Love the pitcher and the nested swans.

  11. I LOVE that pitcher! I started collecting Fiesta ware in high school. Believe it or not, Etsy is a great source because unlike on Ebay, the sellers are usually just trying to get rid of items they purchased at estate sales, rather than make as much of a profit as possible! Also, Macy’s has “Friends and Family” sales a few times a year. That’s a great time to stock up on new Fiesta ware for sometimes as much as 30% off. (Look for sales at Belk, too!)

    I recently started collecting McCarty pieces from Mississippi. Beautiful pottery, but expensive and more difficult to find!

    • Ooh! Thanks for the great tips!! Off I go to Etsy …

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