You wouldn't even know it

11/21/2011 at 3:29 pm | Posted in baby sunshine, snap happy | 7 Comments
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Sophie has been sick for four straight weeks.

One cold on top of the other, exacerbated by her flu shot, the doctor says. I keep taking her in, week after week, convinced that something else is wrong. She is snotty, coughing, sneezing and pitifully congested. She eats well, but it takes extra work. And sleep? Forget it. This feels like the newborn days all over again. Mommy is very near my wit’s end. And I feel so sorry for her.

But look at this baby. She is all smiles and belly laughs and play, play, play.

You wouldn’t even know she’s sick.

Such a little dreamboat.



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  1. Seriously Suzanne, she is just beautiful. These pictures are breathtaking. Hope she feels better soon. We JUST stopped wiping Em’s nose after a month of ick.

  2. What a peanut! I’m sorry she’s been so sick, yuck. D’s the same way – it’s like a constant cold that just recently seemed to subside. We joke that the poor kid’s been sick most of her life now.

  3. What beautiful photos!! So sorry she’s been sick. I know that’s hard on everyone. Sweet lil’ Sophie –feel better soon!

  4. Such a cutie! That first winter with the 2nd kid is hard. Soooo many colds. Hang in there! It gets better, and you WILL sleep again.

  5. That does not look like a sick baby!

  6. So, so cute. I want to zerbert that big ol’ belly!

  7. I would frame that second picture and put it on a wall ! Shee looks SO SWEET !!!

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