Kid DIY: Thanksgiving turkey hat

11/23/2011 at 11:15 am | Posted in DIY, Small Fry | 5 Comments

Thanksgiving turkey hat

When I spotted this turkey hat tutorial, I decided then and there: my child needs a turkey hat. I’ve been on a turkey hat crusade for days. Finally, Lily obliged me and we got down to some serious crafting.

Construction paper in six different colors, including black and white for eyes.
One paper plate
Glue stick

I started by cutting the plate in half. We didn’t have plain old paper plates, so I just flipped one over to hide the decoration. Lily love painting the ridges with Q-Tips. She took very seriously the business of precision painting.

Thanksgiving turkey hat

While the paint dried, we cut out all of our shapes: a 6-inch semicircle, a 3-inch circle, quarter-size circles for the white part of the eyes, dime-size circles for the dark part of the eyes, a triangle nose and a comma for the waddle. Lily surprised me with her scissor skills, cutting the large pieces by herself. Look at those little fingers!

Thanksgiving turkey hat

Next is glue stick time. She glued the pink body onto the paper plate, then we assembled the whole face before pressing it onto the plate (warning: more cute pudgy fingers ahead).

Thanksgiving turkey hat

Thanksgiving turkey hat

Thanksgiving turkey hat

We don’t have any craft foam, so I just cut strips from construction paper, fitted them to Lily’s head and stapled them together to form a ring. Then, I glued the ring to the hat. And voila.

Thanksgiving turkey hat

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  1. This is such a cute idea – we just might try it! We actually did your leaf pressing a few days ago & Wyatt loved it!! He has been using it as a placemat ever since. Thanks for the great ideas!

    • How neat! I’m glad you guys enjoyed it. The older Lily gets, the more I’m discovering we can do together. Too fun.

  2. That’s awesome!! Man, I wish I had one of those. Lily (and her pudgy little fingers) are SO talented.

  3. I’ll have to remember this for next year. Too cute!

  4. […] our turkey hat tutorial from last Thanksgiving. Next up? Christmas crafts that maybe Sophie could work on, too. This should […]

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