Happiness is: Decorating our Christmas tree

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Christmas treeMeet Frasier Saint James McFir.

He thinks he is a very grand tree. He stands proudly, showing off his one symmetric side. He smells oh so heavenly. And he has a lovely Charlie-Brown-esque quality — a crooked trunk, we think — that truly makes him ours.

The best part?

Lily L-O-V-E-S this tree. She and I bid him good morning and good night every day. And she had a ball dressing him up.

decorating Christmas tree

Christmas tree

decorating Christmas tree

decorating Christmas tree

decorating Christmas tree

decorating Christmas tree

decorating Christmas tree

decorating Christmas tree

Will you decorate a tree this year? Which is your favorite ornament? (Mine is the canary yellow molded dough snowflake with paper towel stuck to it. Circa 1979.)



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  1. Oh my goodness, the picture with one sock on and one sock off is just precious!! I love those tiny toddler toes!

    • Yes! Those toes are irresistible. Still can’t find that sock …

  2. One sock on, one sock off…PRESH!!

    • She lost one in the process … tree decorating is arduous work, you know. 🙂 And I still can’t find the missing sock!

  3. How sweet! I’m type A and require a perfectly proportioned tree. My favorite is a holly hobby ornament I have been excited to see every year since childhood. It was actually my sisters. 🙂

    • Oh, I used to love Holly Hobby. I had a doll, back in the day. Wish I’d kept it!

  4. Makes me want to get our tree up soon so our kiddos can enjoy it! Very cute pics! I want to say peek-a-boo to the last one! My favorite ornaments are the ones we got from the kids with their pictures on it from school.

    • Thanks! I love Lily’s handmade ornaments, too. She surprised me by remembering the one she made last year. Such treasures!

  5. Great pics…especially the sockless silhouette! My favorite on my parents’ tree are the ones you and I made as kids…with the glue still showing and everything’s slightly askew. The favorites on my family’s tree are the vintage ones I picked up at the Country Living Fair. Of course, that’ll change once Olive makes her first ornament! Thanks for the shot of Christmas cheer!

    • Would you be referring to our favorite smear-faced gingerbread man, by chance? Like he just finished giving you a big sloppy kiss …

  6. These are the cutest ever. We just did a tiny little tree this year, but somehow I managed to get most of my fave ornaments on. A couple little “Baby’s 1st” ones from last year didn’t make it, but they’ll get on when we have a bigger tree again. I don’t know if I have 1 favorite ornament specifically (maybe the 1 one of my sisters gave D last year), but I love the really shiny glass ornaments and have them in all different shapes – Santas, bells, berries, even a piece of blueberry pie. 🙂

  7. Oh, I love those glass ornaments! So pretty. I have a “bride’s set” that I can’t find, and it’s killing me. Would love to see your blueberry pie ornament!

  8. I love that you have an Elvis ornament. I should have gotten you another one at Graceland! I don’t do a real tree these days b/c my cat thinks it is a giant toy. My favorite thing as a kid was that my parents let my brother and me have our own small trees in our rooms, and I loved to go to sleep with the lights twinkling!

    • That is so cool! What a neat tradition. Lily would love it …

  9. I love your tree & all the ornaments! I love seeing craft ornaments on people’s trees. Those by far are my favorite. My favorite ornament we have will probably have to be my son’s gingerbread ornament that he made this year in mother’s day out.

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