Happy Holidays from these two

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And best wishes for a wonderful holiday from Marc and me, too.

Happiness, health and love to you and yours.

We’ll see you in twenty-twelve!

Meeting Santa

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baby with SantaSophie was mesmerized by Santa.

She only looked away from him for a moment when the photographer distracted her.
How I wish he’d captured her gazing up at Santa instead.
Her jaw just hung open, eyes wide.

Her sister wouldn’t come within 20 yards of the big guy.

Maybe next year?

Rock & Shop Market in photos

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Rock & Shop MarketRock & Shop MarketRock & Shop MarketSpotted: Posy booth in the Motorco building (WHAT-WHAT) // lanterns at sunset // Laura’s gorgeous handiwork // local brews // Laura dazzling our customers // the cool ceiling in our little room // kick-butt DJ// my new favorite food truck // our littlest shopper, Lola, fast asleep with grilled cheese in hand // the Deputy and her posse

We had a blast.


Handmade giveaway: Yarn wreaths by Sweet Cello

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handmade yarn wreaths by Sweet Cello on EtsyYou’ve probably finished your Christmas shopping, right? Or if you’re like me, you have a zillion things left to do before Sunday. Either way, this giveaway is for YOU.

You heard me. You are not allowed to give this to anyone else. In fact, it won’t ship until after the holidays. So you’ll just have to keep it for yourself.

(That’s my best attempt at being assertive. How’d I do?)

Oookay. Back to the business at hand. I just discovered Kat and her lovely shop, Sweet Cello, and I’m totally smitten. Her wreaths are beautiful and unique. She even offers a custom monogram wreath in any letter. Kat is a fellow mom who just opened her Etsy shop, so I have a soft spot for her and Sweet Cello.

As a little reward for all of your hard work in 2011 — and no doubt one too many trips to the mall this holiday season — Kat would like to offer one lucky reader his or her very own wreath! You can choose whichever one you like at the $25 price point. And another name will be drawn for a 50% discount on any product in Kat’s shop!

Extra-jingle-bell-HOLLER-with-peppermint-on-top, no?

To enter this giveaway, just check out Sweet Cello and leave a comment below telling us your favorite wreath. For an extra chance to win, add Kat’s shop to your Etsy favorites and leave a comment letting me know.

This giveaway is a quickie! It ends Tuesday, Dec. 20 (TOMORROW), at 5 p.m. The winner will be chosen at random and announced here on the blog. Yippee!



Erin M. and Dana B. are the winners of our giveaway! Congratulations, lucky ladies!

On the brink

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Look at this baby. Just a millisecond away from crawling.

Hoo boy.

This is going to get interesting.

Eating machine

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baby chewing on bib

Feeding Sophie is just plain fun. She smacks her lips, flaps her arms around excitedly and generally loves to pack it away. As a favor to us, she also recently decided to open her mouth and accept the spoon, rather than wrestling it with her tongue on every single bite.

She loves bananas, apples and peaches. Hates green beans and peas.

Smart baby.

Rock & Shop (and eat and drink) this weekend!

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Rock & Shop MarketOne hundred different vendors selling handmade and vintage goods. Live music. Food trucks. Beer.

Sounds pretty awesome, huh?

FOOD TRUCKS, people!

Laura and I are beyond excited to participate in the Rock & Shop Market this weekend. We’ll be bringing all sorts of goodies from our shop, plus a few brand-new things just for the occasion. You should see what Laura has made. A hint: they’re for sitting, feet-resting, meditation, general relaxation … and they’d be beautiful in any home. A labor of love, indeed.

So … if you’re local … come on out to the Rock & Shop! Finish off your Christmas list, knock back a local brew and join me in line at the food trucks. I’ll be the one with the napkin tucked into my shirt.

Secret mommy behavior

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The side of her face is pressed to the mattress, her butt in the air.

Breathing deeply, in and out. In and out.

The blue glow from my phone casts just enough light for me to see little cheeks, eyes, lips. I kiss her head. Stroke her back. Hoping (but not really) to wake her. So I can scoop her out of the crib and relax under the weight of her little body on my chest.

Holding her is one of the very few remedies to the anxiety growing inside me. It has fangs and claws now. Full-on monster anxiety. Back for a Christmas visit, I guess.

She stirs as I stare. My psycho mommy laser beams have succeeded.

I slide my hands under her little back, lift her to me and bury my nose in that heavenly place where her neck meets her shoulders. She is warmth, sweetness, milk breath.

We sit and rock.

She snores.

I heal.

Mean, mean mommy

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crying baby

This is for all of you who have asked me “Does that baby ever cry?”

Yes. Yes she does.

It’s quite rare (thank goodness), usually only when she’s hungry or tired. Her good days far outnumber her bad ones. We’re lucky.

At the time I didn’t have a single shot of her upset, so when she broke down in a tired little heap the other day I grabbed my camera. Just for a moment. Then I grabbed her and wiped away those big elephant tears.

Don’t you love the pout? I could just eat her up.

Happiness is: Old-school Goody barrettes

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plastic Goody barrettes

I didn’t know they still made these! So when I spotted one package left at Target, I scooped it up. Not much seems to have changed since I wore these barrettes as a kid. And they work well in both my girls’ hair.

My favorite is the one with the lovebirds. Or maybe the cat playing the stand-up bass.

It’s the little things, right?

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