Seven months old

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7-month-old baby

Last week at Sophie’s school, her teacher told me that our girl had managed to roll herself across the room and into the bottom level of a bookcase, where she became lodged until someone came to her rescue.

That pretty much defines Sophie at seven months old. Mobile and loving every minute of it!

She also can sit on her own now, even in the bathtub. And she LOVES to splash with her hands and legs. Baby drenches herself and doesn’t mind one bit.

She’s grabby (hair, glasses, full bowls of cereal, you name it), talky, and has the most awesome baby belly laugh you ever heard, especially when her dad blows raspberries into her neck rolls. She loves apples, pears, bananas and carrots. And she makes the best face when we try to feed her homemade green beans.

At each baby stage, I keep thinking “this is my favorite.” But then she goes and rolls herself into a piece of furniture, and this is my new favorite age.

We’re all more smitten than ever.



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  1. Her eyes! I just love them!

  2. Man, she is beautiful. I have a feeling that Lucy isn’t far behind on the mobility thing. Which is equally exciting & terrifying.

    I do the same thing with every new phase. “This is the best ever!” “No, THIS! This is the best ever!”

  3. Cute cute CUTE! And I love that she just rolled right smack into the bookshelf and stayed wedged there. 🙂 What a little silly.

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