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Here they are! The 2011 Christmas card outtakes.

This was such a hit on our Facebook page last year, I couldn’t resist sharing this year’s reel.

Out of about 200 frames, we got three shots to work with.

That’s pretty good, considering one of my subjects has the attention span of a flea and the other prefers to grimace rather than smile.

Besides, if it were easy, we wouldn’t have these gems …



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  1. When taking pictures of my boys, I always have at least one person behind me entertaining them. I think photographing your own children can be very frustrating! Anyway for this year’s picture of them, my husband stood behind me pretending to eat my hair. It’s the last picture on this link:

    PS. the link also contains our best outtake.

    • Oh wow! Your holiday card is amazing. Thank you for sharing your technique. I love seeing the behind-the-scenes. And, you’re right — I did these alone. Would have been much better to have someone making them laugh. I can’t wait to work with you on my family portraits! Hoping for spring so we can be outside. Yay!

  2. Oh get out of here with those! SO cute!!

  3. Those are classic! Especially love the one where Sophie just takes a little between-photos break by resting on Lily!! If only folks sent cards like this…the real life of kids!

  4. So cute!

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