Deck the halls (with square snowflakes)

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making paper snowflakes

So this was supposed to be another “Kid DIY” post, with lovely photos of Lily making her very own paper snowflakes. Until I realized that I had no idea what I was doing.

Things started swimmingly … chubby little fingers pressing paper into triangles, folding and folding and folding. Then she couldn’t get her scissors through all those folds. I gave it a try, clipping out a few shapes here and there, unfolding it slowly for dramatic effect. Lily was pretty amazed by the transformation of little butchered triangle into big snowflake-like-thing.

making paper snowflakes

making paper snowflakes

But they kept turning out square.

And Lily lost interest because she couldn’t do the cutting. And then she spotted her dad out the window raking leaves and bolted from the room in a flurry of tiny paper shavings.

How to tell when your kid isn’t into the crafting? She ditches you for manual labor.

Determined to make just one snowflake-looking snowflake, I found this tutorial. Which reveals the trick fold. Say it with me: DUH.

I whipped out a couple that made me happy, and Lily and I strung all of them up in our big window by the kitchen table.

paper snowflakesWith the exception of our tree and a couple of wreaths, I gave myself a holiday decorating pardon this year. Any year in which I birth a child? No decking of the halls.

So these snowflakes are pretty much it.

And I love them.



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  1. I love this! I was in the same boat last week when my oldest wanted to make snowflakes, and I also had to look up how to do it. Good to know we weren’t alone!

  2. I love your little Winter Wonderland! Those snowflakes are too cute!

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