Eight months old

01/07/2012 at 11:17 am | Posted in baby sunshine | 2 Comments
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8-month-old babyTwo things that blow my mind:

It’s 2012.

Sophie is two-thirds of the way to turning one.

She gets more amazing by the day, and every single one of us (including the dog) is madly in love.

She’s a belly-crawling, maraca-shaking, raspberry-blowing, squawking, smiling, drooling bundle of awesome. She plows across a room faster than it seems possible, and she’s toying with the idea of pulling herself up. If she comes across toes, she loves to nibble on them. Anything and everything go into her mouth these days, so all of the dolls (and teeny-tiny accessories) in Lalaloopsy-town are on high alert.

Sophie says her m’s, b’s, d’s and g’s with gusto. I love hearing “ma-ma” even though it’s not directed at me yet. When I reach to pick her up, she stretches her arms toward me. And when I tickle her ribs, she grunts and belly laughs.

She is curious, adventurous, silly and just plain lovely.

Absolutely lovely.



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  1. Ah, I remember that stage. So full of awe. And well deserved – she’s a darling!

  2. ahhh, sophie and violet are the same age and doing all the same things! sophie is a doll

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