The 2012 no-hate Golden Globes fashion recap

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Oh, how I love awards show season!

Cue Marc’s perplexed face. Although I’ll give him credit. He sat through the pre-show and about an hour of the Golden Globes last night. Then the DVR messed up and I freaked out and he got to watch the Simpsons after all.

My favorite part, as always, is the fashion. And despite the trend toward nudes this year (and feathers!), the gowns that I loved best came in every color of the rainbow.


Paula Patton: hands-down the most gorgeous. Look at that color! And yellow is a hard color to rock (here are some other striking yellows from years past — remember Michelle Williams and Reese Witherspoon in those dresses? LOVE.)

I’m a sucker for pink. And for Natalie Portman. A win-win.

Isn’t this blue stunning on Freida Pinto? I also love the drape of the dress. Looks like she can actually move her legs. And that necklace! Swoon.

Octavia Spencer was lovely in lavender. And I adored her no-nonsense red-carpet interview. Like Cinderella at the ball, indeed.

Diana Agron’s dress confused me at first. Then I fell in love. The detail is so intricate and interesting. Can you imagine the work it took? And the red is gorgeous.

Returning from last year’s list is Claire Danes in another beautiful column. Although this year’s frock was much edgier. I love the detail, especially the back. Although she looked a little … er … chilly … I love the simplicity and clean lines of this gown.

And a brief nod to my favorite nudes. Dresses, that is.

Sarah Hyland was stunning. Period.

And I love everything about Jessica Alba’s gown.

And because Modern Family rules the school, I couldn’t resist including this shot. Love these guys and their awesome show.


And here’s my 2011 recap



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  1. I love all the dresses you have here, I have to add that I thought Reese Witherspoon loved fabulous as well!

    • Yes! She was beautiful. I love Reese Witherspoon.

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