Happiness is: "bananas in pajamas" pie

02/01/2012 at 8:07 pm | Posted in About town, Happiness is | 5 Comments

Local friends, if you have not yet been to PieBird, GO NOW. Like, drop what you’re doing and get thee to downtown Raleigh. The baby or the dishes or the DVR can wait.

This place is the deal.

Pictured above was my dessert at a lovely little lunch with Laura. My main course was a black bean and chile hand pie and a green salad with mandarin oranges and bleu cheese crumbles. Ah-mazing. And totally worth every single last calorie.

Next time? I’m all over the pie cracklins. And pimento cheese empanadas.

Stuffing pie into my pie-hole. Poetic.

(I had the pleasure of interviewing Sheilagh, PieBird owner and baker extraordinaire, before her restaurant became a reality. Read it here if you like.)



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  1. The pimento cheese empanadas are to die for….and are very addictive. I’ve had the Tarheel pie which is chocolate pecan, and it is yummy too!

  2. That is my favorite pie! And the Mushroom torte is to dieeeee for.

  3. omg and the pie cracklins. Every day.

  4. I’m trying to figure out a way for us to strike it rich with Posy and rent out the space next to Pie Bird. It’d be worth the rent just to breathe in those lovely baked fumes all day. Thanks for a delicious and fun lunch!

  5. i love pies too! especially pie crusts.. I will definitely share this on twitter..

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