A party fit for a princess

02/06/2012 at 3:08 pm | Posted in Small Fry | 11 Comments

February is a tough month to have a birthday party when you’re a kid. You can’t go to the pool. Or romp in the back yard. Or ride the train at your favorite park. And when you’re terrified of giant purple mascots (or large creatures of any color), places like Monkey Joe’s are out of the question. So you usually end up at home, eating cake in your kitchen. Which is fine, except for when all the other kids play with your toys. And color in your books. And generally make it difficult to hoard every single thing you own, as you like to do.

So we moved Lily’s party out of our living room this year and over to an indoor park that has lots of space and fun stuff to climb on and no dishes to wash or carpets to vacuum. It was loud and crazy and fun and perfect.

Lily was overwhelmed at first, even hiding out briefly under one of the tables. But then all her favorite people started showing up (carrying presents!) and before long, she was zipping around the playground with a huge smile on her face.

We ate pizza and butterfly cakes and sang to our sweet girl.

Her real birthday is tomorrow, so I’m still in denial that my baby — my first baby — is lanky and chatty and turning four. Four!

(Special thanks to my friend Ann, who took all of these photos for us.)



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  1. So you live in Raleigh, right? I have a little girl who turned 4 in November and a 9 month old little girl (Emma and Molly). It would be cool to get the girls together for a play date sometime since they are all pretty close in age. And what a fun birthday party!

  2. I LOVE the “I’m 4/Talk to the hand” pic!! 4 going on 16! …and Sophie’s bottom lip….GAH!

  3. You guys are just the most beautiful family! And even *I* can’t believe Lily is four – I still think of her as TWO!

  4. LOVE the butterfly cake and cuppies!! Did you come up with the design and how-to on your own?? I would love to steal this idea for a future January baby birthday party!

    • Thanks, lady! I found the cupcake idea on Martha Stewart (via Pinterest). Hers are much prettier (of course), but I’m happy with how ours turned out, especially because Lily helped me make them! Here’s the link:

  5. awww the butterfly cupcakes are super cute!

  6. Those butterfly cupcakes are too cute!

  7. Happy Birthday sweet Lily! It looks like a great party. I love the cake and cup cakes!! Too cute 🙂 xoxo.

  8. Aww I cannot wait until my little ones first birthday! I hope Ava has as much fun as Lily! Cake looks fab x

  9. Hope she had a great birthday!! Those butterfly cakes look great!

  10. Such a big girl!! I still remember one of your first blog banners of her little baby feet on the sand. Remember? It seems like it was yesterday. You are truly blessed to have these two dolls in your life and I am lucky to see them grow! Happy birthday, sweet Lily! Stay happy, sweet, and healthy! xxoo

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