Four years old!

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Oh Lily.

I have no idea how to begin this birthday letter. I’m simply stunned that you’re FOUR years old. It wasn’t long ago that I was counting your age in weeks, months. You are no longer a baby (although you’ll always be my baby). You’re a little girl. Growing like a weed, talking up a storm, singing, dancing, creating imaginary worlds on the playroom floor.

You are amazing. And beautiful and smart and funny. And so clever.

And I’m not just saying this because I’m your mother. Ask anyone. You are pure delight to those who cross your path.

This hasn’t been the easiest year for you, with the arrival of your little sister. But you have managed the transition so gracefully that it makes my heart swell. Never a moment of jealousy or anger. Just a little anxiety when Sophie crawls over toward your toys. You love to play with her, tickle her feet, sing her songs when she’s screaming her head off in the car. And now you’re starting to feed her. All by yourself. You are the best big sister a girl could ever hope for. Sophie is one lucky duck.

And so are daddy and me. Four years ago today you made us parents, and we are forever grateful.

Now I need to go have a little happy cry.

I love you, sweet Lilybean.




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  1. Happy happy birthday Lily!

  2. Happy birthday to Lily! Four is awesome!

  3. Happy Birthday Lily!!! I knew our youngests were close in age (mine daughter was born April 26, 2011) but wasn’t aware how close our oldest were. My son turned 4 on Jan 29th. 🙂

  4. Happy birthday, Lily!

  5. Happy Birthday Lily!!

  6. Happy Birthday to Lily!!

  7. Happy Birthday Lily!!

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