Happiness is: crafting with Lily (even when our project bombs)

02/15/2012 at 8:22 pm | Posted in Happiness is | 4 Comments

We were trying to make these sweet heart-shaped sun-catchers from my friend Jennifer’s blog. And then shaving the crayons nearly gave me blisters and Lily scattered crayon bits all over the floor and I over-ironed our masterpiece causing it to look like a big puddle of blood. Nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day like a gruesome bloody heart hanging in your window, right?

Note to self: follow directions more carefully next time.

But Lily and I had fun. We always do.

Better luck next time, right?

I thought the colors in these pictures were pretty. And they make me happy. (Speaking of color, have you seen the brilliant new Target campaign, “color changes everything”? So clever and fun. I found myself grinning at the TV instead of hitting fast-forward on the DVR.)



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  1. Love it!! Thanks for the shutout 😉 I see a craft play date in our future!

  2. So cute! You take beautiful pictures!

  3. I love that picture of the crayon shaving coming out of the sharpener!

  4. Agree with Ann — that picture rocks. Also, any project that results in that much fun with your daughter is not a bomb. (Are those the Crate and Barrel stacking mixing bowls? I love mine…)

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