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She was 20 weeks pregnant. She had a 2-year-old daughter.

When she was killed.

So brutally attacked (in front of her child) that her face was unrecognizable.

Five years after Michelle Young’s murder, I still can’t process it.

Much less the fact that she was a colleague of someone I’m close to. That one tiny degree of separation is unsettling.

Finally, a guilty verdict. Her husband.

How in the world do things like this happen? Why?

I pray for the little girl who will grow up without parents. I pray for Michelle. For all of the families involved.

I pray for comfort, for peace.

For healing.



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  1. This is so tragic and terrible and heartwrenching and the list goes on. I really cannot understand how these things happen. Guilty is a thankful verdict, but the sadness that remains in losing a mother to that little one and a new baby breaks my heart. Those experiences that are so close by connection can be so unsettling. Blessings and prayers to Michelle’s little one and to your friend.

  2. This makes me feel sick. Adding my prayers to yours.

  3. Ugh. Did you see the juror misconduct during deliberation the SBI is now investigating. I swear if we go to trial #3…..

    • You’re kidding me. Going to look it up right now …

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