Happiness is: making baby food

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sweet potatoes

During my pregnancy with Sophie, I grew determined to do a few things differently the second time around (in addition to, of course, acquiring miraculous levels of patience). Try to breastfeed longer. Make her baby food. Give cloth diapers a shot.

So far, I’m two for three. Not bad.

I’ve slacked off on the food-making these days, but I really did enjoy it. And it was so easy!

I typically boiled the veggies and pureed them with an immersion blender, adding fresh water in increments. I cooked down apples and blended overripe raw pears. Most fruit, especially those pears, didn’t require any extra water. And I loved blending up thawed berries and tropical fruits for her. We pureed bananas on demand, with a little bit of formula.

I made big batches of Sophie food on Sundays and, after putting in the fridge what we needed for the week, I’d freeze the rest in muffin tins and then wrap them in pairs. Perfect little portions.

Sophie is definitely interested in table food these days, although everything she puts into her mouth usually ends up on her shirt, sprayed onto her tray or stuck to her face. I’m really excited for the day that eating solids just clicks for her.

There’s a whole world out there for her to discover! With cheese in it!

frozen baby food



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  1. muffin tins! that’s genius!! I’m now freezing cut up pieces in portion sizes, have realised i’m just way too lazy to make her and me 3 separate meals a day when steaming etc is involved. those colours in the picture are so pretty. enjoy your cheese little sophie!

  2. I made my son’s food and really did enjoy it too! I like your idea of using a muffin pan. I always used ice cube trays. Worked out to about an ounce per cube and made it easy for me to measure out his meals. (BTW, if you figure out how to acquire more patience, please let me know! Been needing that lately! LOL)

  3. Wow great idea and doing it on Sunday’s sounds like it helps make it easier in terms of planning…like the muffin tin idea too, thanks for sharing! Every meal with my 15 month old looks like a food fight occurred afterwards…lol

    • So true! I’d forgotten just how messy this can be. 🙂

      I love your 15-month post … especially that curly mohawk! Too cute. I tried to leave a comment (entered the password and everything), but it wouldn’t let me. Might just be my computer, but who knows!

      • Thanks and I’ll have to take a look at my blog, a few people have commented about the posting, maybe something with the spam setting….

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