Happiness is: fitting into my clothes

03/25/2012 at 9:54 pm | Posted in Happiness is | 12 Comments
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I climbed up into the attic with a pit in my stomach and found the big blue bin. The one with my warm-weather clothes. Most of which haven’t fit in a couple of years.

Of course the last time it was warm, I had just given birth to a baby and had no intention of wearing anything but my stretchy pants all summer. But then I started back to work in August and nothing fit. Nothing. I shopped for a few end-of-season sale pieces at Old Navy and wore them on repeat.

So today when I reached for a short-sleeved top that practically cut off my circulation the last time I pulled it over my head, I held my breath and slipped it on. IT FIT. With a little bit of room to spare. Same goes for the shorts that wouldn’t button. The slacks that I couldn’t sit down in. If I could turn a cartwheel without injuring myself, I totally would have done it.

Elated is putting it lightly.

I’ve lost 22 pounds since Christmas, and I’m going for broke. My new target weight is a number that I haven’t seen on the scale since I can’t remember when.

Nine pounds to go!



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  1. I am so proud of you and your will power !! The good Lord gave me big boobies and NO will power. It ‘s a cross I have borne all my life :((. Can’t wait to see the new you and Marc this summer. A word of caution, please be realistic on losing so much more weight that you will be miserable trying to maintain that number. Love you….

    • Thanks for your concern, Auntie. You are so right — I am definitely not interested in being miserable. I’m trying to be realistic — and the weight loss has slowed down to about a pound a week now. It’s manageable, and I’m happy. In fact, I had bread pudding for dessert last night! So I just made sure to exercise today. There’s no way I could deprive myself. I’m Italian after all, right? 🙂 Love you.

  2. That’s awesome. Good for you! I’m down 10, but still another 15-20 to go. I figure I might get there by winter. Just in time to cover back up in bulky sweaters. 🙂

    • Awesome! Congratulations. You should be proud. And you can totally conquer the rest. Fitting into my clothes was such a huge motivation. Now, I’m focusing on the dreaded summer swimsuit. Motivation, indeed. 🙂

  3. WAHOO!!!! That is amazing, Suzanne! Holy shit – 22 pounds in 3 months?? Outstanding. I am totally in awe – good for you! You can absolutely get those last 9 if you’ve come this far already. You’d better be posting pictures of that end result, too! 😉

    • Thanks!! I’m pretty stoked. And I wish I’d taken some “before” pictures. I was too chicken. Will definitely post shots when I reach my goal. Haven’t seen myself in a picture in a while … curious to see the difference. Thanks for being such a kick-ass cheerleader!

  4. Love this post! So happy for you. My scale keeps spitting out random numbers, so I have no idea how much I really weigh or have lost since counting calories again. I am doing the pants test though and I can see some movement in the right direction. Thanks for helping be my inspiration!!

    • It can be so frustrating. And surprising how much water weight causes that number to fluctuate. I try to weigh myself only once a week … doing it more often drove me crazy.


    Also – am I crazy or did your site get a new design?

    • Thanks, lady! And, you are not crazy. I tried my hand at a redesign. Pretty basic, but I’m getting there. 🙂

  6. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!
    You are my new inspiration.

  7. Congratulations Sis!! I’m so proud of all the work and dedication you’ve put into your new healthy life. You’ve always been beautiful! Fitting into your old clothes is just one of the amazing benefits of treating your body good…self-confidence and positive energy are awesome to see on you too!

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