Happiness is: breakfast for dinner

03/28/2012 at 8:58 pm | Posted in Happiness is | 2 Comments
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eggs, pancakes, bacon

Any excuse to eat bacon, I’ll take it.

I’ve even figured out how to incorporate it into our healthy diet. I just couldn’t say goodbye.

I’ll put one strip on a sandwich, or crumble a strip onto a salad. Or, my new favorite is pictured above. Three strips of pre-cooked bacon only has 80 calories. And it tastes good. Believe me, I was skeptical. Cooking bacon in the microwave? Unheard of. But I’m so happy to report that I was wrong. It’s thin, so it gets nice and crispy. And it has that full bacon flavor that I looooove.

So, when Lily and I had girls’ night last week, I made breakfast for dinner. Her pancakes had chocolate chips. I ate mine plain with sliced bananas on top. One of my other calorie-saving tricks with this meal is to scramble one egg white with one whole egg. Tastes just as good to me.

Bacon, pancakes and eggs for less than 500 calories?

Happy me.



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  1. Yum! Banana pancakes are my favorite! Great way of cutting calories by forgoing syrup! My husband and I cut calories by using one whole egg and the rest egg whites as well! What kind of bacon do you use that allow three pieces for 80 calories? That’s a steel! Keep up the AWESOME job! No shame in breakfast for dinner.. Great protein and calories =D I learn something new everyday! Thank you! =D

    Monique =D

    • The bacon is actually just our grocery store brand (Harris Teeter). It’s usually located in the refrigerated section with the deli meats. It’s really thin, so I think that’s why the calorie count is so low. šŸ™‚ Thanks for writing! I always love reading your comments!

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