Easter egg-venture

04/10/2012 at 8:17 pm | Posted in Small Fry, snap happy | 2 Comments
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Dyeing Easter eggs with a four-year-old is nothing short of an adventure.

The night before our little project, Lily tore into the kit and decided to taste the green tablet. Then somehow, all of the other tablets got wet too. Thank goodness she didn’t eat enough to get sick, but the green dye stuck around for a while.

With a new kit in hand, we rolled up our sleeves on Friday and had a ball. Lily got a big kick out of how quickly the tablets dissolved, especially after we added vinegar to the water. And she loved to dip and re-dip and dip again.

It didn’t take long for little sister to want in on the action. She crept up under Lily’s chair and just stood there, staring at her sister and nibbling on her foam booster seat.

And I have a confession. When it came time to let the eggs dry, I puzzled over where to place them. What sort of kitchen device did we own that would do the trick? I ended up cutting extra circles into the cardboard box that only held six eggs at a time. AS THE EMPTY EGG CARTON LAY ON THE TABLE. True story. And, to make it even better, I didn’t realize my “oversight” until after I scrolled through tons of eggs-drying-in-cartons photos Sunday on Instagram. Ah, well.

The final step? Clobbering the eggs with stickers. No surface could be left uncovered.

Always an adventure with this kid. And I love it.



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  1. You are so funny! I miss the obvious solution a lot of times too.

  2. Those eggs are so VIBRANT! Lily must be one patient little lady — I never leave mine in the dye long enough!

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