Eating healthy: cherry chocolate trail mix

04/19/2012 at 8:42 pm | Posted in mangia!, weight loss | 4 Comments
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cherry chocolate trail mix

I can’t get enough of this stuff.

It’s bad.

But oh so good. And good for me!

Our nutritionist advised a single serving of nuts as a high-protein snack that would provide energy and help keep us feeling full between meals.

Marc is so good at it. He scoops out the exact number of nuts and drops the chocolate pieces back into the bag. I, on the other hand, usually serve myself a heaping portion and have been known to trade some of my peanuts for more dark chocolate.

My favorite brand is one that we found at BJ’s, and for the life of me, I can’t remember the name. They recently stopped selling it, so I found a close alternative at Whole Foods. This one is really growing on me … it has bigger (and more!) chocolate pieces.

Ah, the circle of life. Always looping back to chocolate.



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  1. Trader Joe’s has a similar mix and it is delicious. I worked at Trader Joe’s a few months in between software jobs to pay the bills.

    • Ooh. Thanks for the tip. I bet TJ’s is cheaper than Whole Foods … and might even taste better. Will check it out, for sure!

  2. Just found your blog via Harpers Happenings! Can’t wait to read more about your family’s little adventures!

    • Thanks for stopping by! So nice to “meet” you!!

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