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I’ve been so nostalgic today. The tears come spontaneously. And I keep watching the clock, remembering.

After all, it feels like this was just yesterday:

But it was a year ago (at 12:06 p.m. for the record). A whole year! And when the “happy birthday to your toddler” email arrived today from BabyCenter, I deleted it immediately. Toddler? Not yet, BabyCenter. Not yet.

Sophie is and always will be my baby.

Her presence in our lives is nearly impossible to describe. I feel blessed a million times over. I was so afraid to have another baby, so unsure I could do it. But this little girl shows me every day how awesome life can be.

She is pure joy. Silliness. Leg rolls. And blue-green-gray-brown eyes.

When she’s naked, she smacks on her belly with both hands. And when she’s done eating, she blows raspberries, usually spraying food everywhere. She ADORES her big sister and works hard to be wherever Lily is and do whatever Lily is doing.

She is a snuggle bunny, a snorer, a belly-laugher.

When she wakes, she coos and talks to herself in the crib. And when I go in to get her, she scrambles up onto her haunches and bounces up and down with her hands in the air.

And, oh, that hair. Part Bruno Mars, part Donald Trump. It’s starting to curl up in the back. I can’t wait to see what it does next.

Determined, happy, adventurous, she stands up all the time and has taken a step here and there. But she prefers to crawl because it gets her where she wants to go very very quickly.

She smacks her lips when she sees food coming. And she can’t get enough of the bathtub. Especially when her sissy is in there with her.

She is positively giddy when Daddy wears her in the Beco carrier. Their walks have become a special little ritual.

Sophie, we love you to the moon and back. You make life more awesome than we could ever have imagined.

Happy first birthday, sweet baby.


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  1. What a sweet birthday letter for Sophie! You made my eyes water. I have only 12 days until my “little” baby turns one. Hope y’all had a great day!

  2. Happy day to baby AND mommy!!

  3. Happy Birthday Sophie!!! I agree with Jana, this letter made me a little teary eyed, especially because it has also been a month like that for me. My little boo turned 3 this month and it just amazes me!

  4. Happy Birthday Sophie and congrats, sis, for making it to this big milestone. You’ve got one amazing family!!

  5. Aw Happy Birthday to your sweet little one 🙂

  6. happy birthday to your sweet girl!!

  7. Happy Birthday Sweet Sophie!!!!!

  8. Happy birthday little miss, and, yes, good job, mama! Here’s to many, many more wonderful years!

  9. Happy birthday to your sweet little Sophie! I know how the tears come spontaneously. Although around birthday time, mine are rather predictable. I have 3 boys and I have yet to be able to sing a complete verse of “Happy Birthday” to them without having to stop to choke back tears. Even writing this, makes me tear up. Treasure those precious little girls, I know you do!

  10. Happy Birthday Sweet Sophie!

  11. So sorry to have missed this yesterday!
    Happy belated birthday Sophie! What a beautiful tribute!

  12. Happy birthday to your beautiful girl. 🙂

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