The rainbow party that almost wasn't

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I was determined.

I had been dreaming of Sophie’s rainbow birthday party for months, but the closer we got to her first birthday, the more panicked I became. She and Lily got sick, then she got sick again, then I got sick, and we’ve all been just plain exhausted. So as April drew to a close, I knew I had to let go of my Pinterest-perfect dreams.

Just focus on the cake and the balloon garland, I told myself. You can do this.

And we did. It was awesome.

For the cake, I used two white boxed mixes and a whole lot of food coloring. I split up the batter into six batches and baked them three layers at a time. I also stained the countertops, several kitchen towels and my fingers, but that’s just between you and me.

My able assistant was a big help (and a master spoon-licker):

We kept the party small. Family and baby friends and one very happy dog who loved licking rainbow crumbs off the floor. The day was gorgeous up until the party got started. I captured a few sunny shots, then had to rely on my flash (boo) for the rest of the party as the rain rolled in.

This centerpiece was a Type-A nightmare. I won’t tell you how many times I hung and re-hung the lanterns and balloons. I clearly need help.

The Deputy arrived early and kicked into super-auntie mode. She and my sister-in-law blew up dozens of balloons for this balloon garland tutorial I was determined to make. We used fishing line, which worked well for the binding of the balloon clusters, but made it a real challenge to string them all together. They kept sticking and twisting up.

Alisa not only figured out how to finish our masterpiece, but she also dusted off the dog hair once we hung it. True friend right there.

And here’s a shot of our table just before little hands got into the fruity rainbow:

Sophie had a ball. I’ll never forget how her face lit up when everyone sang to her. Too much. Although, the hat didn’t last long.

And Sophie loved her cake so much that she decided to share:

Our best attempt to get all the baby pals together for a shot:

And here’s our one-year-old showing off her wide stance:

Happy, happy day.



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  1. Amazing- your cake looks fabulous and it looks like the girls had a blast šŸ™‚

  2. Great job, Momma! Everything looks beautiful…and I can’t believe a year has passed already. Where does the time go? My little on is now 14 months going on 14 years…

  3. Everything looks so great – LOVE that cake!!

    Great family shot too. šŸ™‚

  4. You did fantabulous….you can plan my birthday anytime. Just look at that happy face and know you did an AWESOME job!!

  5. Oh my gosh that cake is amazing. beautiful family, beautiful party.

  6. Oh my gosh, look at that cake! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year! Love to you and your family!

  7. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! And that cake looked amazing! I did a rainbow party for my daughter when she was 3 but wasn’t as adventurous with the cake – well done!!

  8. LOVE the Rainbow Party Theme! Especially love Sophie sharing her cake! How cute. I just saw this Rainbow Cate on Pinterest and thought of you…

  9. Love, love, love the pictures with the last photo being the ” icing ” on the cake. The family photo is an absolute keeper, just beautiful !

  10. great photos!

  11. Are you kidding me with that cake?? That thing is awesome!!! I adore the rainbow theme, and you guys did an amazing job decorating! Your family is simply beautiful.

  12. The party looks fantastic :). It may not have been everything you’d planned, but you all had fun. And rainbow cake is the bomb. šŸ˜‰

  13. Looks like a ONE-derful party!!

  14. As an expert on birthdays, I say that Sophie’s party looks like it was a big success! The cake is awesome! By the way, you look like Laura in these pictures!

  15. […] the day after Sophie’s first birthday party we tossed the balloon garland out into the yard and let the girls have […]

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