Little Miss Mischief

05/15/2012 at 2:16 pm | Posted in baby sunshine | 5 Comments

Baby girl is into EVERYTHING. All the time.

I have to sprint to beat her to the bathroom so she won’t engage in one of her favorite pastimes: splashing around in the toilet water. We also have to gate off the dog bowls, our shoes and pretty much anything gross that we don’t want going into her little mouth.

And yesterday Marc said she actually scaled one level of the bookcase in our bedroom.

No wonder Lily announces “Here comes trouble!” whenever Sophie enters a room.

And then she looks at us like, “Who, me?”

Sneaky little biscuit.



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  1. I think I wrote the same post about 3 months ago…they are such little stinkers!

  2. But she is oh so cute doing it 😉

  3. How cute is she?! And I must commend you on the neatness of your pantry!

  4. I think we have twins! She’s so beautiful & I love how Lily says, ‘here comes trouble’. I can hear Orli saying, ‘Noooooo Flynny’ just like how I say it like she’s the mini Mama. Btw, I have these all over the place….

  5. Love Sophie’s “look what I can do” excitement and smile in that last shot! Classic! She’s so awesome!

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