But do not despair because somewhere there is a heart

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One more wedding post, and then I promise, we’re back to Happiness Is and low-cal recipes and pictures of squishy baby rolls …

I had the honor of reading these beautiful words at the wedding last weekend, and I think you guys will fall in love with them, too. My reading was adapted from This is For You, by Rob Ryan.

At the wedding, I made the mistake of glancing up at the bride and groom after line three and got choked up. I had to tell myself not to ugly cry. Just read the words. Don’t think about what they mean. And breathe.

It worked. Thank goodness.


But do not despair because somewhere there is a heart

That is beating that is meant just for you

And one day this will be the other heart that will beat inside of you. And on that day you will feel whole for the first time

This heart will be growing and yearning as your heart grows and yearns.

Somewhere, somebody closer than you might think.

Can there be anything more wonderful than the emotion of relief? When you have feared for the worst and then things turn out to be not so bad after all.

You feel as if you have been handed a brand new future to make whatever you want from it.

A new life.
A new start.
You feel brave.
You feel hope.
Anything seems possible.

What is important – I don’t know anymore.

What happens when you see less and less the good and more and more the bad?

Is that when you begin to die?

I have this feeling of longing for something that will last.

That will improve

The thought of improvement gives me hope.

Without hope I won’t survive.

I just want things to improve.

I promise that one day, I will take you to the quietest places

Where all you can hear is the whistling of the wind through the air

Don’t just look at and enjoy the beauty of a glorious view

Look at everything and see the goodness of it

Because it is all out there waiting for you

Straight hair and afro hair

Small boys and old women

Goldfish and whales

Sparrows and emus

Deserts and glaciers

Elephants and little ants

I promise that one day I will take you to the loudest places

I promise that one day I will take you to the highest places

My home will have no windows, doors or floors

Nor bricks or mortar

I care naught for them

My only home is in your arms

And nowhere else

Except perhaps in these many tiny scraps of dreams and paper

If I was thirsty, would I draw a drink?

If I was hungry, would I draw food?

If I was homeless, would I draw a house?

If I was lonely, would I draw a picture of you?

But what if I had everything that I could ever want?

What would be left to draw?

What left to say?

I don’t know if I could bear that.

And day by day, I filled my world with more words and more dreams and my heart became a place where I could escape to and talk to you and hold you close.

And years from now, I will return and see that wind and rain have washed these words away. But they stayed in my heart to this day.

All of these thoughts were of you. All of these dreams were of you. And my darling, that lonely child still lives inside me. I have not changed. These promises I make to you, I WILL FULFILL.


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  1. Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful!

  2. Oh my, Rob Ryan does it every time. There’s just no way I could’ve read this aloud in the company of people I love without sobbing. (And that book! I have it in our guest room and everyone comments how great it is.)

    I’ve been dying for a Rob Ryan papercut to hang on our walls. Maybe, perhaps, a nursery one day… thanks for the sweet comment, by the way 🙂


    • I’d never heard of him until now. Ordering the book for both our daughters. It’s extraordinary.

      Thinking of you!

  3. So lovely Suzanne! Thank you for writing that!

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