13 months

06/07/2012 at 1:41 pm | Posted in baby sunshine | 4 Comments
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Oh Sophie! I wish I could say to stop growing so fast, but each new day brings another trick, the beginning of a new tooth, a new sound from your mouth.

But please, stop growing so fast.

No, don’t.

Mommy is conflicted. Don’t mind me. Just keep doing what you’re doing — bringing the awesome.

You are so determined to walk, but still wobbly on your feet. Amazingly, you always fall backwards onto your tush. Smart little girl. And, hoo-boy, do you LOVE to climb. The other day, I left you alone for three seconds in the playroom, and you managed to scramble on top of sissy’s art table. Crouched there on all fours, grinning madly. You were quite proud of yourself.

You are a monkey at the park, climbing all over stuff that most two-year-olds are afraid to attempt. Fearless. Which scares and delights me equally.

You’re saying “Dada” and words that sound very much like “Lily” and “Bella.” In fact, when you see your sister from a distance, or just want to know where she’s gone off to, you holler her name. It’s so cool.

No “Mama” yet, but I can be patient.

You love pancakes, yogurt puffs and being tickled under your chin.

You hate having your diaper changed, getting dressed or any other activity in which you must keep still.

You and your sister have started holding hands in the back seat of the car. She is the center of your universe, and she loves you to no end. Her favorite thing to do is kiss your little toes. And you’re ecstatic to see her face peeking down at you in the crib after you wake.

One year and one month old today.

Ever more amazing.



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  1. I love that sweet baby face. The crawling on the table story cracks me up — and scares me a little bit. Lorelei, don’t get any big ideas!

  2. I could kiss those cheeks and munch on her thighs all day ! Once she gets running LOOK OUT……

  3. Those are some of my favorite pics of Sophie girl! She’s such a joyful character…always smiling or just more interested in being curious then being fussy. It’s awesome!

  4. sweet baby jesus. she is awesome.

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