Steppin' Out: deja vu

06/10/2012 at 8:56 pm | Posted in me | 3 Comments

Yep. Here it is again! The blue stripey H&M top.

(Last time. The time before that.)

It’s becoming a thing. So why break the streak, right? Let’s see how many times I can wear it this summer and get away with it.

I’m in a weird place with my closet right now. Not much fits right. For a good reason (down 30 pounds and counting). I do consider myself lucky, but it’s also incredibly frustrating. I must have gone through a dozen different outfits for tonight’s family dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in town. I actually had to DUST OFF my favorite J Crew shirt dress — the one that hasn’t fit in five years — and it was too big. Most of my skirts look silly. And my pants are a joke. Don’t even get me started on how much room there is in my bras.

I’m getting my clothes altered in small batches, and I’m planning on splurging on good bras (and a good fitting) soon.

Until then, it’s me and the stripey shirt. Tonight’s skirt, necklace and sandals are from Target. Points for diversifying my stripey-shirt outfits, right?

I love this photo because it looks like the bosomy Italian lady is pouring olive oil on my head. And Marc sure is cute.

And here’s our little family of four. The girls looked divine tonight. Lily with her pocket dress and jellies, and Sophie with her chevron stripe dress and pink bloomers peeking out. She also had on teensy ballet flats, but they didn’t last long.

We had a wonderful, loud, chaotic time celebrating two birthdays and three early Father’s Days … more photos on the way soon!




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  1. What great pictures ! You all look wonderful…..slim and healthy. Glad you had a lovely dinner. Can’t wait to see you in a month or so.

  2. v’s secret is having their semi annual sale this week, starts tomorrow. just fyi. 🙂

  3. Very cute. If the stripes work, why change?! I’m impressed the girls keep their hair bows in long enough for pictures.

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