14 months (and five days)

07/12/2012 at 9:19 am | Posted in baby sunshine | 2 Comments
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Look at this face! Quintessential Sophie.

Food smeared everywhere, hair clippie long since yanked out, hand on the back of the chair. Ready for what’s next.

You are pure light, little baby. Happiness, silliness, adventure.

You’re fearless. A climber. And so curious about every little thing.

Walking up a storm, you’re getting used to this new ability, sometimes even getting caught up in a sort of trot that inevitably lands you flat on the floor. But you get right up and keep going.

I love making you laugh. Peek-a-boo usually does the trick. Or squeezing your thighs in just the right way. You’re also mimicking everything. When I shush you to sleep at night, I hear a little “sssss-sssss” coming from your lips. I clap, you clap. I blow raspberries, you blow raspberries. And whatever Lily does, you try to do.

Daddy has taught you how to greet the dog every morning when he carries you downstairs. And now it’s official: “Bella” is your very first word. Just like big sister.

You amaze us, delight us, make us laugh every day.

We love you, sweet girl.



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  1. Too sweet! and how special that “Bella” is her first word as well.

    Slow down, time!

  2. This is just the sweetest thing for the most beautiful little lady:)

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