So cute it's ridiculous

07/22/2012 at 7:40 pm | Posted in baby sunshine, Small Fry | 7 Comments
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Seriously. How am I not supposed to keep every single one of these photos?

The picture people send home sheets and sheets of ridiculously cute prints and instruct us to send back the ones we don’t want. It’s like waving a cupcake under my nose and telling me to take just one or two bites.

Well played, picture people. Well played.

Behold Lily and Peanut Butter the Pony:

And here’s Sophie relaxing by the beach. In a tiny little beach chair.

A fake rock! This is like a school picture milestone. You simpy can’t move up in the world without having posed at least once beside an artifical boulder or log … or leaning on a fake fence. So I definitely have to keep this one too. Am I right?

These picture people are killing me. Remember the Marshmallow incident of 2011?

Too much awesome.


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  1. Yes, you must buy them!! My son is going to the Fuquay location and I hope they do similar pictures soon 🙂 Beautiful girls, Suzanne!

  2. Oh mah gahhhhhhh. You have to get them. I spent an obscene amount on Madison’s school pictures because they were just too much.

  3. We have gotten bunnies for Spring, but I am sooooo jealous you get a pony! I will have to go to our Director and demand a pony for the next pictures. Just kidding…not really. Just wait until you get to the graduation pictures. Seeing them in the little cap and gown is too much!!!

  4. You need to enter that pony photo in some kind of contest because it is SO FREAKING ADORABLE. Just too much. The little scarf? Amazing.

    (beach photos equally cute but LIVE PONY!)


    ::cries into cheerios::

  6. Those are two beautiful girls!

  7. BA is right. We can’t be friends anymore. OMG THE CUTENESS THAT IS YOUR CHILDREN.

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