What I Wore (to work) Wednesday

07/25/2012 at 1:39 pm | Posted in look good feel good | 10 Comments
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So. Only one outfit this week.

Because I’m lazy. And wearing the same stuff over and over. Also, pretty much every piece of clothing I own droops or sags on my frame now. Cry me a river, I know. It’s a good problem to have, and I’m grateful for my new body. But it sure is frustrating getting dressed on my non-mom-uniform days.

I’m trying to hold out on the shopping until fall, mostly because new clothes don’t really fit into our budget right now. And I want to wait and see where my weight levels out. I’m taking a small batch of summer clothes to the tailor, so that will help. I just need to get more creative with what I’ve got. Hello accessories.

This outfit makes me happy because it reminds me of a very fun outlet shopping excursion with Julie. The outlets are sort of our thing, and she is always my good luck charm. So whenever she visits, we hit em up. Big time.

One last thing: I need to find a full-length mirror. Just so you guys know that I’m not secretly wearing Jams or parachute pants down below. I’ll work on that for next week.

top ::: Old Navy outlet
pants ::: LOFT hand-me-downs from Laura
necklace ::: Banana Republic outlet
ruffle flats ::: Gap

pleated poppy



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  1. Wait. We have an Old Navy outlet!?!?

    • It’s in Myrtle Beach … and the Old Navy in Concord Mills also has great deals. (sorry!)

  2. This is TOTALLY my kind of outfit. Love it!! 🙂

    • One piece *is* from your mecca, after all! I simply can’t walk into a LOFT without thinking of you. 🙂

  3. I absolutely adore this outfit! I want to steel it! =D Fancy and Tres Chic- you are lookin’ spectacular!

    I LOVE accessories as well to spruce up my outfits. I tend to buy over sized shirts and dresses just so I can put a stretchy belt on my waist. This gives a smoking waistline and is quite forgiving above and below the waistline (as if you need to worry about that thought!) =D Empire waist effect, I suppose! And, when I am feeling loungy, I remove the belt to have an “oh so relaxing” ensemble. Anyhoo, I think it can be a great addition if you are looking for a change!

    Keep rockin’ those outfits! You look GREAT! =D

    • Thank you, Monique! I know I say this every time, but you are the BEST cheerleader there ever was!

  4. You look great! Congrats on the weight loss. It sure does feel great losing that baby poundage, right?!

    Just found your blog recently. I appreciate your PPD honesty.

    • So glad you stopped by! PPD was one of the biggest reasons I started my blog. There’s such an awesome online community of women who’ve been through it … it’s helped more than I can ever say (and still does). Have you checked out Postpartum Progress? That was one of my first stops …

  5. You are seriously SO SO SO stunning.

    Yup. You are.

    • And you are so good for my self-esteem. 🙂

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