Four going on forty

07/29/2012 at 9:00 pm | Posted in Small Fry | 5 Comments

The stuff that comes out of this child’s mouth constantly surprises me. And makes me smile. Especially when she corrects me (and is usually right).

I always try to write them down. There are little notes with Lily-isms all over the house.

Here are a few recent favorites …

On the weather:

Yesterday the weather told me it was going to be showers. No funder or sebeer weather. Just rain.

On modesty:

Me: You are so smart!
Lily: Yes I sure am.

On current events:

I heard in the newspaper …

Dishing compliments:

Marc: Would you like a banana?
Lily: Sure thing Daddy. You’re a genius!

Me: How do I look?
Lily: You look handsome Mommy!

Hints of teenage-hood:

Me: Don’t forget to wash hands (after potty).
Lily: I always wash hands so you don’t need to tell me a million times!

While snuggling in bed:

Me: I love you.
Lily: I just tooted. ::giggle::

On international travel:

Mommy guess what! When it’s naptime here, it’s bedtime in Italy. Silly Italy.

And a few of my favorite Lily words:

Humonitor (As in, I hear Sophie on the humonitor.)
Mines (That baby doll is mines!)
Ganola bar

I just can’t bring myself to correct her yet, especially with my all-time favorite, brefkiss (breakfast). She is too much.



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  1. What a doll! She’s a riot.

  2. I could read these all day long. I have my favorites from my kids but it doesn’t really matter whose child it is. It always makes me say “aww!” Our current favorites at home are “puffcakes” (cupcakes) and “I fawted in my mouf” which is 2 year old rationale for a belch.

    • Oh my goodness I love it! Thanks for sharing these … I needed a little smile this morning.

  3. I love these! I’m so glad that you are capturing her sayings. There are so many things that my nephews used to say that I always want to remember but if they aren’t written down, it’s easy to miss them. Love the way Lily thinks!

  4. They were “gorilla bars” at my house, which I actually thought would make a great ad campaign. So smart to write these down!

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