Friday morning with Sophie

07/31/2012 at 8:19 pm | Posted in baby sunshine | Leave a comment

She wobbles toward me across the kitchen floor, jazz hands waving, huge grin.

I want up, Mama. Pick me up. Now. Up. (is what I imagine she’s trying to say)

One tiny fist grabs the hem of my shirt while the other anchors her to my pajama bottoms.

I pick her up, sniff her neck and put her back down.

Up again, Mama, she squawks. I keep snapping pictures. Her smile begins to fade into a pout.

But wait.

She tips backward by accident, almost losing her balance.

And finds yet another happy place. Hanging off me, almost upside down.

Her new perspective makes her laugh. Giggles turn to squeals, and I have to put down the camera to scoop her up and squeeze her tight.

Then she wiggles out of my arms.

And off she goes, finding more happiness. This time with a chair cushion.

Sweet, funny baby.

Lucky me.


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