What I Wore (to work) Wednesday

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First things first: public bathroom lighting is so very unflattering. And given that I’m ready to dive head-first into a stall if anyone walks in on me (Hi Becky! Hi Vee!), most of these shots are fuzzy. Okay. With excuses out of the way, here we go …

I’ve owned these two pieces for years but never put them together. The top is pretty flowy, so I usually wear it out. But when experimenting in my closet, I discovered that it actually looked better tucked in. Huh.

top ::: Target
skirt ::: LOFT
sandals ::: Target
big silver earrings that you can’t see ::: Target

Up next is a dress I haven’t worn in YEARS. Like, to a wedding in 2006. But I’ve held onto it all this time because of the classic lines. I love the structure and the little bow. And most important of all, it’s super-comfy. I don’t usually wear dresses and heels to work, so this was a stretch for me. A good stretch.

dress ::: (ancient) Liz Claiborne
heels ::: 9 West
earrings ::: Banana Republic outlet

I wanted to wear some sort of statement necklace with this, but nothing in my collection seemed to work. So I chose simple stud earrings. Seeing these shots confirms my suspicion: the whole look is too conservative. What would you have done differently? Help me, lovely readers!

pleated poppy



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  1. You look great as always! For the dress I would do a bright shoe (either flat or not) and a statement necklace. And maybe even a cardigan if you wanted the extra layer.

    • Layers! Yes. That always helps me feel more put together. Can’t wait to see your BlogHer ’12 outfits. Hope you’re already having a blast up there in NYC!!

  2. Definitely great outfits. You know my suggestion is red shoes w/ the dress. Or any bright color or even silver shoes

    • Red! Of course. A Melyssa signature. I actually have a pair of red wedges. Will give it a shot next time. Thanks for the advice, oh fashion guru …

  3. Well that explains a lot. I walked into work for the first time in months, saw that the reception desk was gone, then looked upstairs and saw you in your spiffy dress, standing beside fashionista Sonya, and I wondered if the dress code had changed. I wouldn’t take anything for that memory, but if you want suggestions, accessories – yes! Casual, handmade jewelry. Big, bold, full of texture, with a bit of color – but not too much. Stick with muted organic colors, and make the texture count.

    • Ha! A new dress code. That’ll be the day. I can imagine walking into the bare lobby for the first time was jarring. Glad to see your face again around here. And thanks for the tips — you know I love handmade jewelry. 🙂

  4. darling dress! i would put some bright colored wedges with it and some sort of statement necklace to brighten in up.
    also love the first outfit–so cute and casual!

    • I don’t know why I didn’t think about bright shoes. DUH. A good excuse to go shopping! (thanks for the nudge)

  5. I agree with the bright shoes and because the neckline is high maybe skip the necklace and go with a chunky bracelet. Super cute dress.I see kelly green shoes for summer or fall.

    • I adore kelly green! My newest bag is that color, and it just makes me happy. Good idea on the bracelet too — thanks for the tip!

  6. Since it has a higher neck, I would pull your hair back in a low ponytail that you pull slightly to the side so it drapes over one shoulder. That with some summer wedges…you’re set!

    • I would never have thought of that! The high neck is sort of like a boatneck, so it stands alone really well (without all my hair covering it up). Thanks for the advice!

  7. I think you did a fine job. You’re lovely. Very fun outfits.

    • Why thank you! And thanks for stopping by. I always love seeing new faces around these parts. 🙂

  8. I actually would have gone with a longer tiered necklace in yellow like this: http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/product_view/sagerosesattic/3288803/3_tier_yellow_orange_germany_crackle_glass_lucite_vintage_art_necklace/vintage/jewelry/necklaces

    love the outfits!

    • Ooh — I love that necklace! And I love the idea of yellow with that dark brown. Thanks for the link!

  9. You looked beautifully classic yesterday.

    also, I ADORE that first outfit.

    • You are so good for my self-esteem. 🙂

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