Nursery tour! Only 15 months late!

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Confession: I am still not finished decorating Sophie’s nursery. There’s this whole big wall just begging for shelves and cute Etsy prints and a glorious “Sophie” bunting that Laura made. And I’ve actually had all the supplies I need since, oh, April. But they continue to lie on the floor in the corner of my bedroom staring at me with their guilt-inducing laser beam eyes.

I will conquer that wall. Maybe in another 15 months? Eep.

These photos were taken when Sophie was a wee little thing, but I’ve decided it’s time. I need to get them off my computer and out here where people can actually see them. Blank wall be damned.

A lot has changed since I took these shots (besides the baby growth explosion). So when I finish the wall, I’ll be sure to shoot some of the room’s other updates for you to see.

Off we go on our tour …

This is the first thing I see when I enter Sophie’s room. A special gift from my friend Kristen, it reminds me to keep things light. I especially appreciated it during those long first weeks of Sophie’s life.

Ta-daa! Here is Sophie’s space. (And you can see a little peek of her there in the crib).

The crib was her sister’s, and I love seeing Lily’s little bitemarks on the railing when I go to lift Sophie out. My mother-in-law made the crib skirt and changing table bolster (that you’ll see later), and Laura made the beautiful window treatments (lined with black-out material because she is brilliant like that). The curtain fabric and bookcase are from IKEA, and I repurposed paper bunting from one of Lily’s birthday parties.

Holler for the big brown chair! This guy has gotten us through many a long night, and he’s remained faithfully plush and comfy for more than five years now. When we were searching for a chair for Lily’s nursery back in the day, I tried out all the cute ones with cute fabric and sleek designs. But not a single one of them was as comfortable as this guy. And when you spend hours on end — sometimes sleeping — in a piece of furniture, comfort is all that matters. I will cry the day we have to part ways.

The print comes from ReStyle on Etsy, and I found the little green lamp at Target.

And remember this rocking chair? Such a treasure.

This is my grandmother, Muriel, for whom Sophie is named (middle). My mother gave Sophie this print, and it is one of the most special things about Sophie’s room. It’s so beautiful … and comforting, like her great-grandmother is looking after her while she sleeps.

Lily painted the little yellow piggy bank for Sophie, and the red frame came from IKEA.

Here’s a shot of baby Sophie enjoying her space (In October? I think?). A secret: the IKEA hot air balloon decal kept peeling off the wall, so I used a little bit of glue stick to keep it in place. The hamper also is from IKEA. (Seriously, this is not an IKEA sponsored post. I wish.)

This is what we see every time we change Sophie’s diaper. And it just makes me happy. Especially now that Sophie is starting to point to the pictures and say words. She calls everyone “Dada,” but we’re getting there …

The frame decals came from Uncommon Goods, and they stick to the wall without any glue reinforcement! Sophie’s little dresser used to be mine (but we’re about to replace it because the broken drawers are enough to make a woman lose her shit).

And last but not least, my favorite part of the room: Lily’s special artwork for Sophie’s door. She especially wanted to trace her hand (all by herself!), and she asked me to write Sophie’s name on it, right next to hers. Below it hangs Sophie’s very first piece of art, a lovely fingerpaint creation.

The girls’ rooms are my favorite in the house. The way they look, the way they smell. And especially for all the memories we’ve already made in those sweet little spaces.

P.S. Here are some “before” photos, if you’d like to see the disaster that used to be our guest room.



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  1. Hey!! Glad you found a good place for the laugh sign πŸ™‚ I’m so glad you posted this! I have been trying to get baby boy’s room together and I am in need of a simple white shelf. I LOVE yours and am definitely going to check out IKEA. I also love the photos on the wall with the decals from uncommon goods. I hope you don’t mind a copy cat friend. Also –what did you use for underneath Sophie’s changing pad? the green and white polka dot. I need something to protect our dresser too. Thanks for the great ideas πŸ™‚

  2. Beautiful!! I love it all especially the photos over the changing pad. Such a fun and sweet room.

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