Those moments

08/23/2012 at 1:39 pm | Posted in Motherhood | 2 Comments

It happens in the tiniest of flashes.

Like this morning, when I licked my finger to wipe cream cheese off Lily’s face. Or earlier this week when I was slicing blueberries for Sophie. And I just paused. For a little moment. And thought to myself, I really am a mother. I’m doing this. I’m not just playing grown-up.

And then I get back to the cutting and the mom-spit and the butt-wiping and the chaos of being the mother of two little girls.

But those moments, those little glimmers, they stick with me and lift me up when I least expect it. They flood me with feelings of happiness and gratitude and holy-crap realizations of this awesome role I’ve been given.

It happens every now and then when I’m brushing Lily’s hair or bending waaaay down to kiss an imaginary boo-boo on her foot. Or when Sophie walks over to me, book in hand, and backs into my lap with a little plop.

Those moments. They make this life feel real. And unbearably awesome.

Which little moments stop you in your tracks?



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  2. Hey Suzanne!

    I think it’s these little moments that keep us going when life’s trials come knocking on our door (hence your subsequent post). These little “forget me knots” remind us the beauty this life posses! My little moments of gratitude are found in cooking. As cliche as it might sound, it truly was the bond between us ladies in the kitchen growing up. If I need to whip up a special gift for my friends or loved ones, I go to home made good old fashioned. If I want to lend my ear or shoulder to cry on, I console over a batch of something delicious to wash it down with. I love LOVING my husband with food that simply feeds his soul! And since I believe that concentrating on the simplest, purest elements, food can be enhanced to its most mouthwatering form! By the way, I stole your brussels sprouts recipe =D It was in our kitchen last night, along with carrots baked in salt, pepper, and a dash of white wine! It was perfect =) So, to answer your post, dear friend, food creates my little moments; but only when its made with love and enriches our lives.

    Kindest Regards,
    Monique =D

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