The great lovey giveaway!

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To celebrate the birth of little mister Monroe, I’ve teamed with North American Bear Company to give YOU presents!

Because new baby! Presents! They just go hand in hand, right?

Our family adores North American Bear. When they first approached me to review their products before Sophie was born, the letter was thoughtfully written by someone who had actually read my blog. Not like the crazy pitches I usually get. I’m talking to you, plastic surgery weirdos.

North American Bear was a generous sponsor of our Love to Zaria fundraiser, and above all, is a friend to our little family.

Lily thinks Sam “from the toy workshop” is her very own fairy godmother. Remember the arrival of Princess last year? And Duckie the Elephant still holds prime real estate in Lily’s bed.

This company makes good toys. Period. They’re beautifully crafted, durable and adorable. And they won’t break the bank.

North American Bear just introduced some fun new products, and they want to share the love with you! My favorites? The Wizard of Oz characters, which Lily artfully arranges on her bed after every sleep. Dorothy has gone MIA, but the hunt continues. Behold the process:

And Sophie carrying this little cupcake purse is just too much. She hikes it way up on her shoulder and parades around the house with her arm straight up in the air. Of course every photo I took is blurry. But you can picture it, right? Baby is big stuff.

Sooooo … here’s the giveaway part. THREE lucky readers will each win a product of their choice from the “What’s New?” category of the North American Bear Company website.

I’m trying Rafflecopter this time, to make things easier for you guys. Just click on “log in” below, leave your name and email address (email addresses will be hidden, like always), and then click on the options you want to do. The only requirement for entry is to leave a comment in Rafflecopter telling us about your all-time favorite lovey. Or, you can log in through Facebook if you want. Easy peasy. I hope.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

We were given an assortment of new products by North American Bear Co. to review. I received no compensation for my opinions. Which are always my own. And are always honest. Also? My favorite lovey of all time is Teddy, who is missing his nose and has “stitches” up his middle and lives with the menagerie in Lily’s bed.

Our winners are: Amber K., Jenny B. and Brandi B. Congratulations, lucky ladies!


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