The giveaway of my dreams: NC State Fair prize pack

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So it’s no secret around these parts that I’m cuckoo for the North Carolina State Fair. Nothing will ever beat serving as the fair’s first Deep-Fried Ambassador.

Well, except for motherhood. Maybe.


But really. I love me some State Fair. Especially when it’s dipped in batter, deep fried and served on a stick.

Seeing the fair through Lily’s eyes over the last few years has made it even more magical. And this year Sophie will get to tear it up. (Consider yourselves warned, farm animals.)

I love it all. Food, animals, rides, games, history, crafts, competitions, concerts, agriculture, culture period. I’ll never forget my corn dog epiphany. Or that one time I shot a rifle.

The Deputy and I are gearing up for our annual visit, this year with two little ones in tow. Should be quite the scene. I’ll also probably go back five or six or twenty more times that week. Because I can never get enough.

So you can imagine how stoked I am that the State Fair wants to share the love WITH YOU through the best giveaway in the history of internet giveaways ever.

Check out what’s up for grabs:

>> 4 admission tickets to the North Carolina State Fair
>> 4 ride books (with a coupon for 2 rides in each book)
>> 4 t-shirts (S, M, L, XL)
>> 4 stickers


To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment below telling us your all-time favorite thing to do (or eat) at the State Fair.

And for an extra chance to win, you can tweet about this giveaway:

Bring on the fry oil … @pretty_swell wants to send you to the @NCStateFair! Enter to win a deep-fried prize pack:

If you choose to tweet, please leave a separate comment below so it counts as an extra entry. This giveaway ends at noon on Monday, Oct. 1. And be sure to stay tuned to NC State Fair happenings through their Deep-Fried blog, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Hope to see you there!!

(I’ll be the one wrestling my kid for the last bite of deep-fried Snickers bar.)

**Congratulations to our winner, Julie L!! Enjoy the fair!**



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  1. I go in search of this one particular fresh limeaid stand every year (well, if we go!) I’ve promised A we’ll go this year. I’ve got to get him a deep-fried something right?

  2. I tweeted!

  3. I adore the turkey legs and deep fried candy bars!

  4. Love the fair! Especially through my kids’ eyes too. I like the deep fried real Wisconsin cheese.

  5. I tweeted!

  6. Last year was the best. My son was tall enough to ride on the ‘superman’ ride (where you are horizontal with your arms out in front of you and fly around in a circle). In mid ride, my husband (who was next to him) asked my son if this is what he thought flying would be like. My son’s response ‘It’s just like in my dreams.’ Without question, that ride will be our first stop this year.

  7. Unfortunately, I’ve never been, but I would like a deep-friend Snickers bar before I die.

  8. Best food: deep fried Snickers. Definitely. Melted chocolate and melted caramel inside a doughnut? YES PLEASE.

    Before kids, my favorite thing to do at the fair was ride rides until I dropped.

    After kids, my favorite thing to do is watch Nate and Alex ride rides together. Makes my heart sing. Also then I sneak extra bites of food!

  9. I have never been but we have plans to go this year! Winning would be the best thing ever!

  10. I tweeted! @gassmama

  11. I haven’t tried the deep fried Snickers and now I see that I have a mission to accomplish this year! Last year I loved watching Ian ride the rides and be adventurous going into the haunted house all by himself.

  12. Ice cream (NCSU booth, I believe)

  13. I love to watch my kids enjoy the rides, the lights, the animals, all of it. Their favorite has been the kid-sized rollercoaster they call the “Cattercoaster” because it looks like a big caterpillar, although sadly I think they’re probably outgrowing it now. I gotta get a candied apple every time I go…it’s just what you do at the Fair.

  14. All time favorite thing to do at the fair is eat… eat a caramel apple, boiled peanuts, chocolate covered bananas, NC State Ice Cream…. just eat.

  15. This pregnant mama wants some fried food bad… I tweeted.

  16. Oh man, I love the fair. I have to pick just one thing? That’s hard! I want to say the corn dogs because it’s my standard go-to fair food. And funnel cake. Mmmm….. funnel cake.

    My 5 year-old can’t wait for the petting zoo. I’m guessing the toddler will have an equally enthusiastic freak-out this year too.

    P.S. I’m giggling at the fact that you just blogged about losing 40 pounds & are now talking about deep fried fair food. That’s awesome.

  17. And I tweeted too. 🙂

  18. I tweeted. Are you all ready? I’ve never been, and my kids don’t know about the fair. I used to cover fairs for the news all the time, and well, I just haven’t faced the crowds here to do it as a citizen. Guess if we win, I”ll take the kids, but it’s expensive, and I would rather spend my money doing something else. But, I knew this would probably be the last year that my child wouldn’t find out about the fair. 🙂

  19. I love the funnel cakes. What can I say? I’m a traditionalist 😉

  20. I tweeted:!/trishc721/status/250660647749169152

  21. I am embarrassed to admit I’ve never been to the fair. 😦

    I have eaten me some deep fried twinkies at the Gotta Be NC festival, though, and would be ALL OVER those!!!

  22. I think it’s only fair to warn all NC Fair Go-ers that I can eat my weight in some Funnel Cake. LIKE A BOSS.

  23. I tweeted. Semi-reluctantly because I wanna win.

  24. Favorite thing to do? People watch!
    Favorite thing to eat? Deep fried Snickers….yum!

  25. Eating a fried twinkie is a must do! My girls love them. 🙂

  26. I’m a happy girl with a corn in one hand and a turkey leg in the other

  27. Tweeted…

  28. I tweeted!


  30. tweeet:

  31. Just one thing I love about the fair, too hard! I love it all! I like the fall weather, the hectic buzz of people, people watching, the exhibits, the art, fresh lemonade, corn, turkey legs, Lumpy’s pumpkin pie ice cream, NC state ice cream…just everything!

  32. I’ve never been to the NC State Fair since moving to NC, so I’m not sure what different food majesties await. Based on Ohio state & county fairs, I could die happily by over stuffing myself with funnel cakes.

  33. I (reluctantly) tweeted:

  34. Turkey legs and NCSU ice cream!!! We love the fair!

  35. The corn hands down is the greatest thing about the fair. Well, the corn and the honey cotton candy. Love the fair!

  36. My very favorite thing to do is ride the Big Slide!!! I love that thing (and now, so does Noah.) And I have to admit, I first had chocolate covered bacon at the Fair and it was terrific. But it was bacon and chocolate, so of course it was. 🙂

  37. This will actually be my first time at the State Fair (we haven’t been in NC long!) so I’m really looking forward to going with some friends!

  38. I simply adore the maple cotton candy. I’ve always been a fan of cotton candy and maple syrup, but when combined… magic.

    We’re hoping to take our two this year as well. We’ll see how that goes. 😉


  39. Funnel cake and corn dogs

  40. I definitely love the fair for the food. The deep fried twinkie is like a doughnut. And I search out the candy apple shop where the chocolate around the apple is like eating a candy bar. With my kids, it was watching Connor as a toddler eat an ear of corn. I can’t wait to watch Jake attack that piece of corn!

  41. How to pick just one thing? Got to be the food. All the food!

  42. WOOHOO!!!! The Fair!!! I hope all of y’all come out and visit us, and have a Bumper Crop of Fun! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

  43. Wisconsin Cheeeeeese!

  44. Ahhh, the corn on the cob!!!

  45. I love to eat chocolate dipped cheesecake in a stick!! And watch my daughter ride all the rides. This year, my one year old son will be joining us so I can’t wait to see the look on his face!

  46. Favorite thing to do at the fair: attend the concerts and get freebies! Also, I try to eat something that is new to the fair each year.

  47. I gotta say, my favorite thing to do at the fair is checking out all the exhibits…. and then of course, the Food!!

  48. Have not been to the State Fair in a long time!
    Love to sample a lot ot the foods…favorites include potato ribbons, bloomin onion, and funnel cakes!! YUM YUM!!!

  49. My favorite things about the fair are the rides especially taking my son on them and watching his expressions and the FOOD!!!

  50. I tweeted!!

  51. I tweeted!!

  52. my favorite the last few years has been to watch Emily ride the ponies every year & take a picture to mark how big she is getting- sniff!
    Food wise I always have to get NC State ice cream- campfire delight!

  53. just tweeted!

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