Because you haven't had enough Halloween photos today, right?

11/01/2012 at 2:48 pm | Posted in just plain fun | 3 Comments

They’re all over Facebook. Happy toddlers in little red wagons. Big kids trick-or-treating while the sun is still relatively up. Smiling parents. Brilliant costumes.

And then you have us:

In the blink of time between arriving home from work and the trick-or-treating kickoff, we scrambled to carve a pumpkin, feed and costume the girls, be remotely social with friends and family who visited, kiss skinned knees, resolve tantrums, and try (just try) to get a photo of the girls together, in their costumes, doing something besides crying.

Sophie rejected her antenna and wings after about three minutes. Lily’s dress tore from the ankle to the hip. And Marc was stranded carving the jack-o-lantern by himself.

But then the Deputy arrived. As Crispy. And things got better.

Of course there was no way I wasn’t going to try on this costume.

So we didn’t get outside until after dark. And our costumes weren’t perfect. And our photos may be blurry.

But this is life. Our life.

Happy chaos.




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  1. You got the pumpkin carved? Go you!! I decided it wasn’t even worth trying to get that sucker carved. But I sort of think I won: I didn’t have to inhale the yucky smell of pumpkin innards this year!

  2. At least you had a pumpkin! We failed miserably on that this year and couldn’t even find one to buy…the day before Halloween. Halloween is so crazy with the inhaling of dinner, getting kids in costume and trying for ONE photo of the kids together where one isn’t crying or trying to run off. I didn’t get a decent shot of the boys together. I think I might try this weekend just to have one!

  3. Everyone looks really cute, and you got to wear a bacon costume, so this is a success in my book!

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