November twelfth.

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Veterans Day.
On which I always think about my Poppi, and my heart becomes heavy with gratitude for every single person who has served our country. Especially those of you doing it right now. Thank you.

One of my two special days each week with the girls. Marc got to stay home today and he let me sleep in. Bless him. While he worked on the cars (bless him again), we played with cousins, visited neighbors and took a walk to the grocery store. When we started to climb the B-I-G hill in our neighborhood — the one that means mommy can’t talk for a couple of minutes — Lily said from the stroller, “see you later mommy, good luck.” It was awesome and I snorted from laughing and huffing up the hill at the same time. And speaking of Lily awesomeness, check out this self-portrait I discovered on my phone. Such a gem:

The day before November 13.
Mister Monroe will be two months old tomorrow! I can hardly believe it. And I can’t wait to squeeze that little guy again.

Football night.
I’m due on the couch. There’s a hamper full of clean laundry and a sleepy husband waiting for me.

Goodnight, friends. Hope your November twelfth was just lovely.


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