Our favorite smoothie recipes {and a giveaway!}

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We love smoothies. The end.

One of Lily’s favorite “stay home mommy day” rituals is to make smoothies. She thinks they’re milkshakes (which they are, kind of). I love that she’s getting a whopping dose of calcium, protein, vitamins and antioxidants. And, making them with Smart Balance® Kids Reduced Fat Milk & Nutrient Blend adds even more good stuff for little bodies.

The best part? Lily can make the whole thing herself.

And lick the spoon in between steps. Because of course.

Here’s the recipe for our latest concoction:

– 2 cups vanilla yogurt
– 2 cups frozen mango/berries
– 1 banana
– 1/2 cup milk

We make ours a little on the runny side so that Miss Sophie can partake. To thicken up your smoothie, just cut back on the milk or freeze the banana for a couple of hours before blending.

Our blender is a hand-me-down from Marc’s grandparents. I have no idea how old it is, but that thing works like nobody’s business. I love it.

And here’s the recipe (for one person — multiply as needed) for one of our other favorite smoothies, The Elvis:

– one partially frozen banana (2-3 hours in freezer)
– 2 TBS peanut butter
– splash of milk


Do you have a favorite smoothie recipe? We’re always looking for new things to toss into Poppy’s blender. And if you’d like to enter to win a container of Smart Balance Kids Milk, just leave a comment below. Free milk! More smoothies! Yay!

Sponsored posts are purely editorial content that we are pleased to have presented by a participating sponsor. Advertisers do not produce the content. As a Smart Balance Kids Milk ambassador, I was compensated for this post and was given milk vouchers to review. My opinions are always honest. This giveaway ends on Wednesday, Nov. 21. I’ll announce the winner that evening (before we swap smoothies for turkey and stuffing).

**Samantha is our winner! Thanks for playing!**



  1. Smoothies are popular at our house too. I try to keep frozen fruit at all times so I can whip one up. My secret smoothie boost is to purée some fresh spinach with a little orange juice and then add yogurt, banana and frozen strawberries (& maybe a little milk to thin it). A tasty healthy treat!

  2. I love her pajamas! Are they footies? Daniel won’t wear them anymore, and we are so sad LOL. I’m fond of berry smoothies and would like to try to mix in some spinach for an extra health kick.

  3. My favorite smoothie recipe this time of year is sweet potato, banana, yogurt, cinnamon, and a splash of milk 🙂 So perfect for the fall!

  4. Spinach! I put it in whatever smoothies I make. I add tons of it and you can’t taste it but you get all the goodness of it!

  5. I want to win! …and I want your blender 😉

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