An accidental before-and-after

11/23/2012 at 9:18 pm | Posted in weight loss | 7 Comments

I started downloading my eleventy billion Thanksgiving photos and came across this family shot that just makes me smile. It’s a rare thing for the four of us to end up together in the same frame, much less all smiling and with eyes open. And a guest appearance by Sophie’s belly button is just the icing on the cake.

So I dug up last year’s Thanksgiving family shot to see how much the girls had grown … and was startled by something entirely different.

Look at Marc and me. It’s like someone stuck a pin in us and deflated us a little bit.


One year ago yesterday:

Making this little discovery was humbling, you guys. And incredibly motivating.


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  1. Wait. Which was the before, and which was the after? I’m confused.

  2. OK. I’m not confused anymore. LOL. You lost weight! And the kids got bigger, because kids do that. I think I’ll go to bed now. Obviously I am very tired.

  3. You look amazing! Fabulous and how cool to find the pics to prove it and remind yourselves of it. 🙂 I thought you looked super pretty before, though, but I get it, truly I do. You’re inspiring and 40 lbs in a year rocks, hard. I need your motivation, my friend!

  4. both great photos but yall look awesome now. I’m impressed!

  5. What’s cool is that the weight loss has made it easier to see the real you…so beautiful sis. It’s really neat seeing you have so much fun expressing your creative and colorful tastes through your clothes and jewelry. This last year you’ve really taken what’s on the inside that we all love, and let it shine for us all to enjoy! Great inspiration!

  6. Looking good! Also, how does Sophie look so grown up?! Lorelei still looks like a total baby. Your girls are beautiful. As are you!

  7. Wow! Big changes. Beautiful in both, though!

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