Happiness is: a homemade birthday banner (thanks, sis!)

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For your budding Picasso

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Since I can’t do much on my feet, I’ve been catching up on back issues of Real Simple. After finishing the latest US Weekly, of course. I’m a sucker for celebrity gossip, and what better way¬†to cheer me up than some hard-core investigative reporting on the next Sex and the City movie?

This article (from Real Simple, not US) about what to to with kids’ artwork is great. Small Fry is only 19 months old, but we already have quite a collection of paint-smeared construction paper. Her very first piece of art was a carrot. I love it.

My neighbor uses the clothespin technique to display her kids’ work, and it looks especially cool in front of a window.


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I made this. Me. She-who-does-not-craft. With some help, of course (thanks Mom). It felt so good to give this gift, I might just have to do it again.

Embroidery pattern: Hooty Owls
Funky fabric on the back that I forgot to photograph: Lava Bloom

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